Mortuary – Dream Interpretation

A mortuary is primarily where the deceased are laid out before they are buried. Here the relatives often have the opportunity to say goodbye to their deceased again.

Most often, morgues are located in cemeteries and have a hall attached for mourning ceremonies. A dead person is usually transported by hearse directly from the place of death (e.g. an accident scene, a hospital or private home) to the mortuary, where the body is washed, dressed and prepared before cremation or direct burial in the coffin. The body can then be visited by relatives lying on a stretcher or already in the coffin.

If you dream of a mortuary, this can certainly be disturbing. One certainly wonders the reason for such dream content. When interpreting this dream symbol, however, not only the mortuary itself should be considered. The surrounding circumstances and other details that stand out in the dream should also be used for the interpretation.

Dream symbol “morgue” – the general interpretation

According to the general interpretation of dreams, the dream image “morgue” can occur fears as well as indicate feelings that the dreamer has regarding death. He should get clarity about this in the waking world. Because only then will he be able to face this fear.

But the mortuary in the dream can also expectations symbolize things that have not yet been fulfilled in life. Maybe it’s time to say goodbye to these hopes. Generally speaking, if you see a mortuary in a cemetery in your dream, you will most likely face financial loss.

If you take part in a funeral or a funeral in a morgue in a dream, you may face celebrations in the waking world. If the dreamer sees many people on such an occasion, he usually wants to belong to a certain group. If the dreamer hears a priest saying a prayer in a mortuary while he is sleeping, he may need to take on more responsibility in the real world.

If you see the morgue of a hospital or clinic in a dream, this can indicate a worrying time that will also bring with it some changes. If a body bag is also noticed in this context, it would be appropriate to examine one’s conscience. Because you may feel guilty about a certain matter. Generally speaking, the smell of corpses or the stench in such a mortuary can often symbolize a new beginning, which can only be achieved after the past has been put to rest.

Dream symbol “morgue” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological dream interpretation interprets the dream of a mortuary to mean that the dreamer is concerned with his personality should deal with.

The sight of a corpse, possibly in a shroud, or of a dead person in such a hall usually reminds one to come to terms with a certain part of one’s character that seems to have died away. If many corpses, possibly wrapped in shrouds, are laid out in a mortuary in the dream, this could possibly indicate hidden things Characteristics Clues.

If the dreamer sees a coffin in a mortuary while he is sleeping, he will probably be shown that he is in one crucial point is in his life. He leaves a certain phase behind and now turns to something new. In this context, an open coffin can often indicate which part of his life the dreamer should leave behind.

Anyone who sees an urn standing in a mortuary in a dream often receives a hint of certain difficulties or Problems in waking life. These probably cannot be solved and we should now finally say goodbye to them. A cross that is hung in a mortuary can be understood as a dream image of the sleeper’s wish for assistance and support.

Dream symbol “morgue” – the spiritual interpretation

Seen from a transcendent perspective, the dream symbol “morgue” can refer to one New beginning indicate what the dreamer may be striving for in the waking world.

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