Mom – dream interpretation

Mum is the best. This is what you often hear and read when, for example, the annual Mother’s Day is approaching. In the first years of life, she is the most important person for a child. Mommy is almost always the first word babies can speak. And even later, most people have a very special relationship with their mother.

If you dream about your own mother, it may be because you haven’t seen her for a long time. In the dream you then realize that you miss her. There may have been an argument and the dreamer is now sorry for this. In order to analyze the meaning of the dream symbol, one should pay attention to the relationship to the actual relationship with the mother.

Dream symbol “mom” – the general interpretation

A mother symbolizes in dream interpretation care. She feeds and clothes her child and prepares him for the world with praise and blame. A dream about your own mother can reflect the sleeper’s actual relationship with her, which may sometimes be problematic.

However, the dream symbol is often an indication of the current mental and emotional state of the dreamer himself. Has he not taken enough care of himself recently? own well-being cared for, the dream figure calls on him to be more caring towards himself. For a reliable dream analysis, you should be aware of your own life situation and family relationships.

In popular dream interpretation, mom is usually a positive dream symbol. However, she can also do one in a dream warning represent, for example, not to be influenced too much by others. If you experience the death of your mother, even though she is actually still alive, the dream image heralds a change. If you associate good feelings with your deceased mother in a dream and miss her, the change in the dreamer’s life will be positive.

If the deceased mother appears in the dream, according to dream analysis, this is an omen for a long life for the dreamer. The exact content of the dream is also important: If you kiss your mother, the dream image promises business and interpersonal success. Anyone who even has sex with their mother in a dream may be carrying an Oedipus complex. This means that as a partner you subconsciously want someone who looks like your mother or has her character traits.

If mom calls the sleeping person, one of them will come warning Don’t forget your own duties. If you talk to her, the dream symbol is, according to dream interpretation, a sign of the success of important projects or generally good news.

Dream symbol “mom” – the psychological interpretation

In psychological dream analysis, the mother often embodies the unconscious longing for emotional balance, which does not have to be directly related to the real person.

The dream symbol “mom” refers to the dreamer’s feminine or creative aspects. If in reality he thinks about breaking new ground, the dream image appears Authority figure appears, which encourages him in his plans.

As a threatening or demanding mother, the dream figure can also draw attention to unconscious difficulties that go back to incorrect developments in childhood. The mother’s influence plays an important role, especially in later relationships.

If the dream is a man, the dream symbol “mom” often indicates mental immaturity and Dependency there. In a dream, a woman becomes aware of her own femininity with all its positive and negative aspects.

If you dream of having sex with your mother, you should think about whether you may have a mother complex within you. In reality, this often makes living with a partner difficult because she is constantly compared to her mother.

In a psychological sense, the rule applies in dream interpretation: the less often you dream about your own mother, the more balanced your actual relationship with her is.

Dream symbol “mom” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the mother represents a symbol of fertility. The dream symbol “mom” means creative power and indicates that the sleeper is in a creative process.

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