Mime – dream interpretation

Anyone who hears the term “pantomime” will probably quickly have the image in their head of a street artist dressed in black and white and made up, having fun with passers-by.

However, this term does not only refer to the artists who practice such gesture play. The term pantomime also refers to the performing art form in which the actors usually do not have a spoken word.

In pantomime, objects, locations, scenes and characters are only made understandable through the artists’ facial expressions and gestures. In this context, masks or make-up masks can also be used. A mime artist sometimes shows his audience artistic exercises such as juggling or unicycling, accompanied by exaggerated facial expressions and funny body poses.

Dream symbol “pantomime” – the general interpretation

According to general dream interpretation, the dream image “pantomime” can primarily be seen as an indication happier times be understood. It often hides memories of a happy childhood. The dreamer should remember this again. In some cases, the dream symbol “pantomime” can also contain a warning about fraudulent people in the waking world. The dreamer should therefore be careful.

If you find the gesture game in the dream to be funny, it can also contain an indication of the character traits that characterize you Humor and spontaneity. If one of the quick-change artists seems rather sad, the dreamer is often faced with disappointment.

If the sleeper himself takes part in a facial play, perhaps in a theater, his business will not develop as desired. He will not be satisfied with the results achieved. Anyone who sees a mime artist on the street in his dream should not let other people distract him from his chosen path life path let it be dissuaded.

The gestures or gestures of the mime while sleeping can also be of interest for general dream interpretation. Because these usually have the same meaning as in waking life and once again underline the message of the dream.

Dream symbol “pantomime” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams interprets the mime artist in the dream, especially when he is seen on a stage, as meaning that he is the Attention want to draw the dreamer’s attention to something that he should think about. What this is about can usually be deduced from the facial expressions and gestures.

If the dreamer himself is a mime in the dream, this can symbolize the desire to show others what one is made of. The person concerned wants to be with others in the waking world Talents clarify what they have not yet noticed. That’s why in this dream situation it can also happen determination of the sleeper.

When interpreting the dream image psychologically, the mime artist’s face should also be examined more closely. If he wore a mask when making gestures, the dreamer should become aware in the waking world that he tends to hide his true talents. If the mimic is wearing makeup in the dream, he wants to make his character weaknesses look better.

If you laugh at such a mute clown in a dream, you may feel that way in the waking world unsure in certain situations. You feel like you can’t say anything right, so you often stay silent. The reason for this can be inhibitions in the interpersonal area.

Dream symbol “pantomime” – the spiritual interpretation

From a spiritual perspective, the dream symbol “pantomime” paints an unreal picture of oneself vision of life. The dreamer should consciously deal with this attitude.

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