Melon – dream interpretation

Melons are often referred to as fruit, although they are officially a fruit vegetable, more precisely, like cucumbers and zucchini, in the pumpkin family. Depending on the type of melon, its flesh is red, orange, white or yellow, with or without or only with small seeds.

Especially in summer, melons are in high season and are particularly popular. Whether as a salad, in desserts, as a cocktail ingredient or frozen as ice cream – melons can be found in a wide variety of varieties. Watermelon in particular is often used as a little refreshment in the heat.

You can find out what the fruity, sweet melon means as a dream symbol in the following text. But first, let’s take a look at a special type of melon that is seen more often in dreams: the watermelon.

Dream symbol “melon” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Delicious: The watermelon in dreams

If the tasty watermelon appears as a dream fruit, the dreaming person may be able to look forward to luck in love. This can manifest itself in the waking world in the form of a new partner, a happy and balanced relationship or a hot affair. The waterier the dreamed watermelon is, the sooner the happiness in love will disappear again. If the fruit is very firm and the taste is sweet, it could be the famous “love of your life” that you meet or recognize in your existing partner.

Dream symbol “melon” – the general interpretation

The dream image of the melon can be seen as a sign within general dream analysis happiness in love be considered. Anyone who dreams of such a fruit can look forward to a nice partner and a happy relationship or affair.

Eating a melon in a dream can be considered one warning to be looked at with haste and impatience. The dreamer should not allow himself to be tempted to act rashly in waking life, but should make decisions carefully and thoughtfully. Generally speaking, this dream situation can also indicate surprising consequences of an affair that you have to deal with.

If lovers or married people dream of a melon, they should be prepared for an unhappy spouse. This discontent However, it should not be ignored, but rather clarified through a conversation. Otherwise, relationship problems could arise. Anyone who sees melons growing in their dream can look forward to a future without difficulties and trouble.

The type of melon in the dream can also play a significant role in the general interpretation of dreams. Watermelons in a dream symbolize situations in which the dreamer makes it particularly easy for himself. In waking life he prefers to enjoy and eat lounge around. However, this behavior can develop to his own detriment if he rests for too long.

A cantaloupe melon as a dream symbol illustrates what the dreamer is Behaveto try new things. Or he wants to encourage others to try something new.

Dream symbol “melon” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams interprets a melon in a dream as a symbol of happiness and love Lust. In waking life, the dreamer is satisfied with his partnership or marriage and finds fulfillment there. The sweeter the melon is in the dream, the more positive the interpretation is for waking life.

A watermelon as a dream symbol can indicate that the sleeper’s friendships will develop well. If you see melons in your dream as a dessert in summer, your future will be different cheap and develop according to his wishes.

Cutting or dividing a melon with a knife while sleeping may satisfy the dreamer’s need for Gesellschaft or show community. The sleeper wants to share his everyday life and his joys with other people in the waking world.

Dream symbol “melon” – the spiritual interpretation

Viewed from a transcendent point of view, the dream symbol “melon” as a fruit in the dream can indicate that the dreamer will develop and implement new ideas and projects. The dream image can therefore creativity and illustrate the creative power of those affected.

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