Measure – dream interpretation

When we measure something, we take measurements. This means that we measure its length, height, width or circumference with a tape measure or folding rule and express it in centimeters, meters or inches, depending on the unit of measurement used.

For example, a tailor uses a centimeter measuring device to measure the exact lengths and circumferences of his customer’s limbs so that he can tailor a costume or suit precisely to that person and thus ensure that the desired item of clothing corresponds exactly to the client’s requirements and wishes. Every carpenter first takes measurements with a folding rule before putting a saw to the wood; other craftsmen do the same, like the bricklayer.

We always take measurements when we want to know the exact size of something. But moderation can also mean something completely different:

In Bavaria, for example, a typical Bavarian means “a mass” (formerly: measure) as a liter of beer in a mug. However, thanks to the world-famous Munich Oktoberfest, this name is well known to almost everyone beyond the borders of Bavaria.

Let’s now take a look at how the dream symbol “measure” can appear in our dreams and what exactly this dream is about.

Dream symbol “measure” – the general interpretation

In general dream interpretation, taking measurements of something in a dream is seen as a positive sign. The dreamer has clear goals and ideas that he can achieve and implement successfully with a strong will. Everything will develop according to the wishes of the person concerned.

If you observe how other people take measurements in the dream situation, this action means for the dreamer that in reality he will be more precise observation stands. His behavior and possibly his performance at work are subject to critical scrutiny. The person affected may already notice this control in their waking life and feel very pressured by it. Here he should look closely to see whether the critical looks at him are justified. Or whether you’re trying to blame him for mistakes.

Maybe you used a tape measure or a ruler when taking measurements in the dream? Then, according to the dream interpreter, you can be happy because you have an apparent dream Hurdle overcome has. However, this success also has disadvantages. However, these do not become apparent to those affected immediately, but only over time.

Drinking a pint of beer or a bottle of beer while experiencing a dream, however, has no negative interpretation aspects whatsoever, unless you cannot find the right measure and drink until you pass out. Then you should understand the dream as a warning and become more involved in reality Restraint and Modesty practice.

On the other hand, enjoying a single beer in a cheerful atmosphere indicates a sociable personality. You like to take an active part in social life and feel very comfortable in the community with others.

Dream symbol “measure” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, taking measurements often has to do with the control of feelings to do. The person affected tries very hard to keep their emotions under control and never give the appearance of weakness to the outside world.

If it is difficult to take measurements in a dream or if you cannot recognize the numbers on the measuring tape, this suggests that the dreamer is finding it very difficult to control his emotions. This has always been violent emotional outbursts results that seem completely surprising and incomprehensible to those around the person concerned.

The dreamer should therefore try to achieve mental balance through meditation or other relaxation methods. This can help him better access to get to grips with your feelings and express them in a calm and level-headed manner.

Dream symbol “measure” – the spiritual interpretation

On a spiritual level, the dream image “measure” represents a tool that the dreamer uses to achieve his or her spiritual life process to be able to have a holistic overview.

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