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In dream interpretation, there are some symbols that are particularly versatile and can appear in very different contexts. The dream image of “measuring” is one of these. For example, it can happen in a dream that we measure the temperature in the room or outside, that we use a thermometer, measure a certain length with a centimeter rule or ruler, perhaps to calculate something, or measure ourselves against another person.

The entire dream event is always important and should therefore always be taken into account when interpreting such dreams. Likewise, the result of the measurement taken in the dream can also have a high level of significance and therefore have a strong influence on the interpretation.

Dream symbol “measure” – the general interpretation

In general dream interpretation, measuring a length or measuring an object is considered a positive sign for life. The person concerned will have a specific project successful can be implemented and completed in the near future. Besides, he will soon good news to reach. Things develop the way the dreamer wishes.

However, anyone who dreams of measuring the air temperature in a room or outside should see this as an invitation to do more Elan and develop commitment. Especially if the measured temperature is low, the dreamer may lack willpower or assertiveness. He attaches great importance to safety, but sometimes it is unavoidable to take some risks in order to achieve personal goals.

If the temperature that the person concerned measures in the dream is very low, the general opinion is that the opposite applies: in this case the dreamer is too risk-takingdoes not prepare carefully enough for developments, situations or possible consequences of a behavior.

In addition, the person affected could lack the ability to take criticism: the dreamer quickly takes judgmental, perhaps well-intentioned or even praising words personally in everyday life, he feels attacked and is unable to use positive or negative criticism constructively for himself.

The dreamed measurement with an opponent symbolizes actual ones Rivals from real life, which can only be defeated with great effort and courage.

Dream symbol “measure” – the psychological interpretation

According to the psychological interpretation approach, dreamed measurement always refers to the emotional world of the person affected. He wishes he could control them better.

If the temperature is measured in a dream and the values ​​are irregular, strong emotional fluctuations could be imminent in the near future. According to psychoanalysts, there is something in the dreamer’s life that brings him into a mental imbalance.

If he takes his own temperature, there may be a risk of a sudden, unexpected outburst of emotions. Occasionally, just taking your temperature will give you notice Changes which the person concerned should not just accept, but which he should actively try to influence.

Dream symbol “measure” – the spiritual interpretation

If something is measured in a spiritual dream, this refers to the person concerned’s desire to have one overview about his personal development in life so far.

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