Mat – dream interpretation

We can find the term mat in different meanings. In sports, this refers to a protective pad that is used, for example, in gymnastics. In the household, the mat can mean a doormat or a runner made of rubber, textile or coconut fibers.

The mat can also represent a green area or a mountain pasture. And surely almost everyone knows the saying “What a mat!” in relation to a person’s hair.

We can also encounter the symbol “mat” in different dream situations on the dream level. Therefore, when interpreting it, careful attention should be paid to the context in which the dream image appears and the accompanying circumstances.

Dream symbol “mat” – the general interpretation

Within general dream analysis, a mat in a dream primarily symbolizes something durable basis. The dreamer should become aware that he has created a good starting point for his life, which will be helpful to him in his further endeavors.

The sight of a green mat, also in the sense of a mountain meadow or a lawn, in a dream brings good prospects for the future. The sleeper’s living conditions will also improve. If you lie on a mattress made of straw in a dream, this can indicate losses that can lead to restrictions.

If the dreamer uses a rubber mat in the dream for gymnastics or yoga exercises, his inner mobility is shown to him. But this is only possible because of his solid livelihood. If the sleeper himself, as a yogi, teaches other people how to practice yoga figures, he can draw from a wealth of experience and recognize processes that actually take place subconsciously.

A bath mat as a dream symbol can indicate the desire for relaxation and Relaxation illustrate in the waking world. If you lay mats on the floor in your dream, you will soon receive good news from friends who live far away.

According to general dream analysis, an old or torn mat as a dream image indicates annoyances and warns against waste.

Dream symbol “mat” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, the symbol “mat” can represent part of the personality show that is used for others. This means that the dreamer should become aware of what he is willing to do for others.

This may also make it clear to him that he is too different from others exploit leaves. This aspect should be taken into account, especially if a doormat or doormat becomes visible while you sleep. In this context, the dream also contains a request to increase one’s self-esteem.

If the mat is seen in the dream in the sense of strong head hair or a mane, this can, according to the psychological interpretation of the dream, be a reference to one’s own animalistic traits be understood. You should deal with these more closely in your waking life.

The sight of a man with a lot of hair in a dream can indicate an exaggerated Drive behavior refer. If the mat is seen in relation to the wool, fur or fur of an animal while sleeping, this is often a symbol of the dreamer’s desire for security and protection.

Dream symbol “mat” – the spiritual interpretation

Viewed from a spiritual perspective, the dream image “mat” in the sense of a carpet can be a sign of one low appreciationwhich happens to the dreamer in the waking world, can be understood.

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