Masked ball – dream interpretation

For people who love carnival or carnival, there is nothing better than watching the colorful hustle and bustle of all the masked fools and slipping into a different identity yourself with a costume or a mask. At a masquerade ball, people celebrate, dance, drink and laugh – which often results in a bad hangover and a major headache the next day.

But for lovers of such events, even the unpleasant aftermath of this event will not stop them from turning night into day at the next masquerade ball and partying as if there was no tomorrow.

But why were we at a masquerade ball in our dream world? What is hidden behind this dream symbol? Does the dream possibly have something to hide from the outside world?

Dream symbol “masked ball” – the general interpretation

For the general interpretation of dreams, the dream of a masked ball hides a possible fear of the dreaming person about the revelation of his true personality. Anyone who takes part in a masquerade ball and wears a mask must take part Deceptions and losses calculate in real life.

This dream situation also warns those affected of fraud. He should pay special attention to those around him, because there are people who smile kindly in his face, but are only out to deceive him in order to gain an advantage for themselves.

The masquerade ball as a dream symbol can also be short-lived, but definitely happy adventure Clues. The dreamer is aware of this from the start. However, he wants to enjoy the moment to the fullest and therefore puts fun first. For him, the moment counts. He doesn’t want to think about the “after”, but rather feels the pulsating life in the here and now.

Many masked people who are masked at a ball in the dream can be understood by the dreamer as a request not to get involved intrigue and Lie to let others get involved. He should see it as his job not to provide a breeding ground for envy, resentment and falsehood and to convince other people of the importance of honest living and honest cooperation.

Dream symbol “masked ball” – the psychological interpretation

The masked ball serves as a psychological dream interpretation Spiegelwhich the dreamer should look into.

The masks that one wears at a masked ball show the dreamer the diverse and often unconscious ways in which he strives to be true self to hide from the outside world.

If the masquerade ball takes place without a specific reason, according to psychological opinion, you are often subject to your own whims in waking life. This can not only be a challenge for the dreamer himself, but can also be an annoying matter for those around him.

The mask that the dreaming person wears at the masquerade ball can also be used for erotic desires and sexual preferences stand. You would like to live this out completely unrecognized and in secret. The dreamer would never openly admit to these very special passions in real life.

Dream symbol “masked ball” – the spiritual interpretation

The dream symbol “masquerade ball” warns the dreamer Deceptionswhich he threatens to succumb to on the path of his spiritual development.

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