Mascot – dream interpretation

In most cases, the term mascot refers to a lucky charm, a doll or an amulet for a specific group of people. An animal is often used as such a figure, such as a lion or a polar bear. But comic-like fantasy characters can also appear as mascots

Mascots can often be found in connection with larger events, such as the Olympic Games, cheerleading or the soccer world championships. But they can also appear as an identification mark for a company, a city or an institution, such as a club.

Mascots are particularly popular in marketing because they usually make it easier to market products and companies. That’s why they often appear in advertising campaigns.

But why do we dream of a mascot? Maybe it’s just a reminder of a certain event or an advertisement? Or is there a completely different message hidden behind this dream symbol?

Dream symbol “mascot” – the general interpretation

Seen from a general perspective, the dream symbol “mascot” brings surprising things to the dreamer news with yourself. This news will also change his future prospects. If the mascot character is perceived as pleasant in the dream, you can look forward to positive changes.

Dreaming about a mascot can also contain a warning. One should beware of the hostility of a woman in the waking world. If the mascot appears in the dream as an amulet or talisman, the sleeping person will soon become an important one Decision have to meet. Therefore, he should get a clear overview of the consequences of his actions.

If the mascot in the dream is a specific animal, according to the general dream analysis, the aspects of the respective dream image should also be used for the interpretation. If the mascot in the dream is based on a comic character, the dream symbol “comic” is also an option.

Dream symbol “mascot” – psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams interprets the dream in which a mascot appears as a symbol of a person or a process that the dreamer is interested in change hopes that his living conditions will be positive.

The mascot in the dream can also have different meanings Driven refer to what the dreamer may face in waking life. He should therefore be careful and carefully examine the intentions of those around him.

If the mascot is seen while sleeping in connection with a sporting event, this can be understood as a warning to the dreamer. He should examine his inner attitude towards other people. If the dream symbol “mascot” is seen in the sense of a fetish, this can be seen psychologically difficulties in the interpersonal area. The dreamer may have problems with being close to other people in the waking world.

Dream symbol “mascot” – the spiritual interpretation

If you see a mascot in your dream, you should think about it according to the spiritual interpretation of dreams Self-deceptions beware. Because these wishful images usually cannot be realized and only prevent the dreamer’s spiritual development.

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