Marten – dream interpretation

The marten is, among other things, a relative of the weasel and the skunk; he is a clever, nocturnal robber. You should not confuse the marten with the mink, although the mink looks very similar to the marten.

When hunting, the marten is very clever and even dares to take on prey that is larger than itself. These characteristics have given it a bad reputation because it enters chicken coops at night and kills one or two chickens. Unlike the fox, he often finds a way through, no matter how small, and overcomes all sorts of obstacles to get to his goal.

The animal is also unpopular in the city: we know it there mainly as a pest that bites car cables or causes mischief in attics. But is the marten really an unpleasant companion?

Dream interpretation has a lot to say about this resourceful rodent. If it appears as a dream symbol, we can draw positive insights from it.

Dream symbol “marten” – the general interpretation

Dream interpretation generally focuses on the aspect of the hunter and robber. If you dream of a marten, you should be careful theft be careful and protect your good reputation. This can refer to envious people and other ill-wishers who take too much without even asking, but also to the loss of love or arguments in a relationship.

Especially if the dream hits a marten, the dream symbol represents quarrels and Conflicts, which usually arise from bad slander. The dreamer should not give in to gossip.

Traditionally, dream interpretation sees the image of the aggressive marten as a symbol for women who want to harm the dreamer, but the dream symbol can refer to both genders. Maybe he also has to deal with energy-draining people who he should spend less time with so as not to be left exhausted.

Seeing a marten in a dream is also seen as a warning for times of need save and not to waste everything.

Conversely, the dream symbol can draw attention to the aggressive sides of the dreamer. It then represents a warning not to get involved greed to lose. The dreamer may want to have something specific and is becoming increasingly reckless in order to achieve his goal. He should be more considerate of others and not give in to intoxication like the marten in the chicken coop.

If the dreamer kills the marten, he can Obstacles overcome or avert a loss. He may also get money with the help of another person.

Dream symbol “marten” – the psychological interpretation

In psychologically oriented dream interpretation, the marten represents male urges and vitality. These can have a positive effect if the dreamer courageously tackles obstacles. The dream symbol can also be a warning: the dream is letting itself go aggressions lead and could harm other people if left uncontrolled. Instead of overestimating himself, he should try to control himself better.

On the other hand, if the marten in the dream is old or sick or is sleeping, it represents the dreamer’s desire for more energy or more Self-control.

Dream symbol “marten” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level, the marten represents overcoming obstacles on the spiritual path and that male principle.

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