Marshmallow – dream interpretation

Marshmallows are one of the so-called foam sugar products. They consist mostly of sugar. Other ingredients include egg white snow, gelling agents and colors and flavors.

The term “marshmallow” comes from the English-speaking world. In German-speaking countries, this sweet is usually called marshmallow because it is often made in the shape of a mouse.

In the USA, marshmallows are very popular with both children and adults. These are not only used as decoration for cakes or pastries. They can also be found as a garnish on sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving. These sweets are also often roasted over a fire and then eaten together with chocolate and cookies as delicious “S’Mores”.

Marshmallows appear more often in some dream events than in others. Now read what such dreams can mean.

Dream symbol “Marshmallow” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Roasting dream marshmallows, hmm!

Roasting and melting the sugary candy over an open fire was certainly a pleasant dream. Maybe you even smelled the warm marshmallows while you slept? In general dream analysis, the grilled marshmallow indicates great inner strength.

I eat marshmallows in my sleep – why?

It’s a strange dream in which you eat, of all things, marshmallows. It’s not that rare, on the contrary. Unfortunately, the foamy sugar usually indicates an argument that is coming to the dreaming person. However, if you are careful and act diplomatically in the near future, you can prevent the worst. Be kind to those around you!

Dream symbol “marshmallow” – the general interpretation

Due to the high sugar content, the general dream interpretation interprets a marshmallow as a dream symbol primarily as a favorable sign. The dreamer usually has a pleasant time ahead of him in which he can also turn to the “sweet sides” of life.

Eating marshmallows can sometimes cause… Trouble and point out arguments. Although these will not be large or significant, they will still prove disruptive. If you drink a cup of hot cocoa with small marshmallows on it in a dream, this can indicate that you long for more security and affection in the waking world.

As a decoration on a cake, tart or cookie, marshmallows in dreams can often indicate pleasant developments in reality. Cupcakes with marshmallows can usually be a dream image Surprise or bring with it an outstanding event. The sight of skewers of fruit and marshmallows while sleeping is often taken as a sign of good luck and success.

The color of the marshmallows can also be of interest for general interpretation. White marshmallows can alert the dreamer that he may be in the waking world sensitive reacts to certain things. If the marshmallow is pink in a dream, you shouldn’t close your eyes to reality and get too lost in daydreams.

Dream symbol “marshmallow” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams interprets the dream symbol “marshmallow” in the sense of a candy. That is why such a dream can prompt you to deal with the current one emotional state to deal with. It can also be helpful to get clarity about your own wishes and needs.

If the sleeper grills marshmallows over a fire in his dream, perhaps while camping or on a trip, he is usually supposed to become aware of his inner spiritual strength. Anyone who makes s’mores out of roasted marshmallows, chocolate and cookies as food in a dream usually wants to satisfy their sexual needs.

Dream symbol “marshmallow” – the spiritual interpretation

The soft marshmallow can be used as a dream image on the transcendent level of dream analysis humility and illustrate the dreamer’s indulgence in spiritual matters.

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