Marking – dream interpretation

By setting a mark you usually want to memorize or remember something specific. If you want to find your way back to that specific point, a marker can be very helpful. Even the pirates knew this procedure and marked the location of the treasure with an “X” on their map.

But the famous “X” does not necessarily have to appear as a mark in a dream. There are many options for highlighting, for example using different characters or numbers. A very distinctive feature of a thing can also serve as a marker.

Dream symbol “mark” – the general interpretation

According to the general interpretation of dreams, the dreamer’s dream of a mark means something Important be aware. In the waking world it can be something positive, which will develop to the advantage of the dreamer, as well as a warning.

The exact meaning comes from the context of the dream and an analysis of the current life situation in the waking world. The type or shape of the marking is also interesting for the interpretation of the dream symbol “marking”. For example, if it involves certain symbols or signs, the aspects of these dream symbols should also be taken into account. A signet ring can also appear in this context.

If the dreamer has marked something with an “X” in his dream, it is illustrated to him that he has one in waking life Decision must meet. Or a specific matter requires his full attention. If the dreamer memorizes a certain characteristic of a thing or a person in the dream, he can generally find his way around in waking life.

The general dream interpretation interprets a dream marking on a house as a sign of a place Security. The dreamer has either already found this or is still looking for it. If he is still looking for a safe place in waking life, he can derive certain clues from his dream as to where his search will be successful.

Shipping signs or sea marks can also appear as markings in dreams. For example, if a lighthouse appears as a marker in the dream, this can be a symbol of guide and support. These will come to the dreamer in a difficult life situation.

Dream symbol “mark” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, the symbols and characters used for marking in the dream are in the foreground. Because these are used here as an indication of the unconscious understood by the dreamer. The mark he saw in the dream should make him aware of something specific again.

If the dreamer places a mark in a certain place in his dream, he will be shown that in waking life he Capability has the ability to distinguish what is important from what is unimportant. He can use these in a targeted manner and thus develop personally.

Dream symbol “mark” – the spiritual interpretation

From a spiritual perspective, the dream symbol “marking” wants to help the dreamer to achieve his or her spiritual goals. In addition, this dream symbol can be used as a Guide of the soul be considered.

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