Market stall – dream interpretation

A small sales point is called a stand. Such a market stall can primarily be found at a weekly market. A wide variety of goods can be offered there, such as meat, cheese, peppers, delicacies such as pickled olives, dried tomatoes or marinated seafood, natural vegetables and fruit or even flowers and other plants.

But such stalls can also be found at flea markets or at Christmas markets during Advent. Here in particular there are a variety of options for buying a smaller or larger gift.

Even on the dream level, the offer should be examined more closely in connection with the symbol of the market stall. From this you can gain additional clues about the message of the dream. It can also play a role in the interpretation whether you were a customer or a seller.

Dream symbol “market stall” – the general interpretation

The general dream analysis interprets the dream symbol “market stall” primarily as an expression for expectations to the dreamer. Those around him in waking life hope for results and plans from him, but these will prove to be unattainable.

Anyone who buys something at a market stall in their dream, such as vegetables or fruit and fruits, possibly bananas, oranges or even a pomegranate, should become aware of their desire for recognition and praise from others.

If, on the other hand, the dreamer sells something at a stall in a market while sleeping, he usually tries it in the waking world supporter to win over a particular issue. The different types of fruit and berries can also be of interest for interpretation. Did you perhaps see gooseberries or rather strawberries?

Generally speaking, a booth at a fairground as a dream image usually promises the sleeper smaller gifts or surprises in waking life. A fairground stall while sleeping can be interpreted in a similar way. In addition, according to traditional dream interpretation, this sight promises a good harvest.

Selling goods at a market stall in a dream can indicate profits that will be achieved through a trading transaction. Anyone who buys mackerel from a stall at a fish market while sleeping should beware of evil dealings in the waking world.

Dream symbol “market stall” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, the symbol of the market stall in the dream symbolizes the communication skills of the dreamer. Especially if such a product stand can be found at a trade fair while sleeping, the sleeping person should be shown that he can easily make new and promising contacts.

If the sleeper himself is a seller at a stall in the dream and offers, for example, chocolates and other sweets, then, according to the psychological interpretation of the dream, this can indicate that the dreamer is for the satisfaction is willing to make some personal sacrifices to satisfy his sexual desires.

A show booth as a dream symbol can be interpreted similarly to the “theater” symbol. Anyone who watches a puppet show in such a booth while sleeping should check in their waking life whether they are too different from other people in their waking world influence leaves.

A kiosk as a market stall in a dream can have a limited selection Possibilities indicate in the life of the dreamer. He should therefore think carefully about which opportunity he would like to choose.

Dream symbol “market stall” – the spiritual interpretation

The market stall as a dream symbol is seen as a possibility within the spiritual interpretation of dreams Communication viewed in spiritual matters. The dreamer should take advantage of this opportunity in the waking world so that he can expand his knowledge.

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