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Markets have a long tradition in our society. A very long time ago, food and other items were sold, bought or traded there. Quacks advertised their (false) remedies in the markets, farmers their fresh fruit and vegetables. Meat, whether fresh, cooked or smoked, was offered there – just like today.

Weekly markets can also appear in our dreams. Here, very different situations are experienced and seen in relation to markets. But how can a market be interpreted as a dream symbol? We would like to shed more light on this in this article.

Below we have put together some tips for you on how you can interpret your dream about the market:

Dream symbol “market” – The most common dreams about the symbol

The market stall – what does it mean in my dreams?

In general, the market stall is considered a symbol of certain expectations that are placed on the dreamer. If the person concerned shops at such a market stall, they may want praise and recognition. If the sleeper is a salesman himself, he may be trying to convince other people in the waking world of a certain thing.

Dreaming of a market hall

If the dreaming person is in a market hall while sleeping, they should pay particular attention to their own feelings when interpreting their dream. If these are positive, the dreamer is probably sociable and open towards other people. If the person feels more negative emotions, this can indicate overload in real life.

Dream symbol “market” – the general interpretation

In a dream, a market can generally be personal Self-assessment and show self-worth, but also say a lot about your own purchasing behavior.

Anyone who shops at a market in a dream is most likely a thrifty person who always keeps an eye on their financial situation. At the same time he is business-minded. However, the symbol can warn that the person concerned, despite this business acumen and thrift, uncertain times impending.

The goods you buy can also be important for the interpretation. Did you perhaps buy fruit and vegetables, such as bananas or turnips? Or rather cheese, sausage or meat, maybe even turkey? Maybe you went to a fish market and bought mackerel?

The same applies if a barker appears in a dream: he warns, among other things, of deceitfulness and fraud from others.

If the dreamer is in a market and does not know in which direction he should go or what he should buy, the symbol is also to be viewed negatively: This stands for soon Poverty and financial worries. An empty market also calls for notice sadness and problems.

Only in a young woman’s dream can a market be understood as a positive sign for the future. Here he shows positive changes that may accompany an important decision that needs to be made.

Dream symbol “market” – the psychological interpretation

According to psychological opinion, a market visited in a dream can tell a lot about oneself Relationship to say to your fellow human beings. If the dream feels comfortable and is interested in what is happening, this shows his openness towards others. He is very sociable and leads a balanced social life.

The opposite applies if the person concerned allows themselves to be infected by the hustle and bustle of the market. This symbolizes one Overwhelm and your own shyness in approaching other people. The dream may also be faced with a difficult situation that requires an important decision. In this case, it is important to stay calm, clear your head and think carefully about the next steps.

Psychoanalysts also see a clue lonliness, if an empty, dead market is dreamed of. The affected person longs for peace and quiet and doesn’t like being in company. This could be a warning from your subconscious not to completely isolate yourself in solitude.

In rare cases, the dreamed market may also focus less on interpersonal relationships and encourage more business acumen: the person concerned may place their private and social contacts above their professional obligations too often.

If the dreamer buys food at the dreamed weekly market that is otherwise difficult to obtain, these dream symbols should definitely be interpreted additionally. Medlars, for example, are small yellow-orange fruits that you can only get at very well-stocked market stalls or in special shops that sell exotic fruits. Fish that are rarely eaten or meat specialties also need to be analyzed in order to fully understand the dream of the market.

Dream symbol “market” – the spiritual interpretation

According to the spiritual view, a market is a place of spiritual taking and giving. In the dream he stands for him Exchangewhich creates a balance between everyday life (and the obligations that come with it) and the spiritual interior.

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