Margarine – dream interpretation

Margarine is a so-called spreadable fat that is manufactured industrially and is often used instead of butter or lard.

Margarine contains little cholesterol, which has a positive effect on people. That’s why the recommendation for a long time was to use margarine instead of butter. However, more recent studies have failed to support this advice. So it’s probably just a matter of taste whether you prefer to use margarine or butter.

You should also look closely at the dream level to see whether you see margarine or butter. Although both symbols have similarities, they are interpreted differently.

Dream symbol “margarine” – the general interpretation

Generally speaking, the dream image of margarine can primarily indicate an upcoming “lean” time in life. Some may suit the sleeper Failures and the associated deprivations. Sometimes the dream symbol “margarine” can also illustrate good business.

Buying margarine in a dream can indicate favorable developments in the financial sphere. If, on the other hand, you sell this fat in a dream, it would be Frugality advised in the waking world. According to general dream interpretation, mixing margarine with sugar can often bring pleasant visitors as a dream image.

If the dreamer spreads margarine on his bread or rolls while sleeping, he can often count on a successful and successful life in his waking life happy phase rejoice in his life. If you eat a jam roll spread with margarine in a dream, you will usually become aware of your own sexual desires. However, anyone who puts sausage or cheese on the margarine base should be shown their down-to-earth attitude, which will prove to be beneficial.

As a dream image, margarine with rapeseed oil can refer to efforts that lie ahead in the waking world and for which one will, however, receive no recognition.

Dream symbol “margarine” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams interprets margarine in dreams as similar to the dream symbol “butter”. However, the dream image “margarine” rather asks the dreamer to Order to bring into his affairs. Because there seems to be a need for action here. Once this is done, the sleeper will be well prepared even in times of scarcity.

If the margarine is on the table while you sleep, you can usually look forward to good developments in your waking life. Margarine with a yogurt content can often be seen as a dream symbol balanced state of mind refer. If the dreamer dissolves margarine in milk, he may long for warmth and security.

If a dough is made with margarine in a dream, perhaps for baking cookies, psychologically this can indicate that one should become aware of one’s possibilities in life. Anyone who kneads margarine with flour in their sleep should remember this in their waking life partnership turn to. Because you may be behaving too decisively and suppressing your partner.

Dream symbol “margarine” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level of dream interpretation, the dream symbol “margarine” is often used as a sign of the dreamer’s longing for one recognition his spiritual achievements.

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