marching – dream interpretation

When you hear the term marching, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the phrase “marching in step” and you therefore think of an army, a barracks or even the Bundeswehr.

However, marching can simply be defined as walking or moving in organized groups or formations in a steady rhythm. The groups can be of very different nature, for example they can also be musicians.

Therefore, when interpreting the dream image “marching”, it should be taken into account who is marching in the dream. The reason for such movement should also be examined more closely. Maybe you went on a hike or were you part of a procession?

Dream symbol “marching” – the general interpretation

Generally speaking, the dream image brings “marching” to the dreamer successes in the business sector. You may also get a promotion. However, this aspect can only be used if moving around in the dream is easy and you are making good progress.

However, if the dreamer is exhausted from his march in his sleep, he also feels a certain feeling in the waking world languor. In addition, according to general dream analysis, such dream content may indicate that the sleeper will feel discouraged after vain efforts. Walking barefoot as a dream image can indicate good health.

If the dreamer sees a band in his dream lining up at a parade and playing marching music, he receives an indication of his social contacts, which he should continue to maintain well. Soldiers or regiments walking in step as a dream symbol usually refer to an oppressive one change, which may put a lot of strain on the sleeper. If they are supervised by a major or even a colonel while marching, this can indicate trouble and arguments.

Dream symbol “marching” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological dream interpretation interprets the dream image “marching” to the effect that the dreamer is aware of the progress of his personal development should be made clear. If the dreamer is tired of marching in the dream, it can be shown to him that he wants to stay in his current phase of development.

Pilgrimage in a dream, for example during a pilgrimage, often illustrates this Determination of the sleeper, but can also indicate a well-developed sense of community. The parading of military members as a dream symbol heralds events that will delight the dreamer and make him happy.

For the psychological interpretation of the dream symbol, it can also be of interest who is marching in the dream. These people should also be examined more closely. Were they men, women or children? Or maybe you saw different groups hiking?

Dream symbol “marching” – the spiritual interpretation

Marching with other people in a dream can be on the spiritual level of dream analysis Search to illustrate transcendent insights that the dreamer carries out together with like-minded people.

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