Map – dream interpretation

A map is a representation of the earth’s surface, similar to a globe. It can be created at different scales and therefore not only represents the entire earth but also individual areas of the country such as cities or regions more accurately.

Traditionally, a map is created on paper so that it can be easily folded or rolled. The cardinal points north, south, east, west as well as the reduction scale and a legend about the land conditions, traffic routes and more marked on the map are noted on it.

In order to find a way through the dream world, a map can sometimes be very helpful. Perhaps that is one reason why the map is seen quite often as a dream image.

Dream symbol “map” – the general interpretation

If the dreamer deals very closely with a map in the dream world and literally studies it, then, according to dream research, this can indicate special plans or a long journey. Sometimes this dream image also heralds a move or a career change.

But looking at a map is usually a good sign Success of a project in the waking world. Maybe there is a larger professional or private project that should be tackled now.

In this context, a colored card is interpreted positively because it Luck announces. If the details on the dreamed map are easy to see, the trip or plan will be successful and work well.

Difficulties in the waking world are often indicated by a map that cannot be read precisely in the dream. Here problems and obstacles will cause difficulties on the journey or in the planned project.

Dream symbol “map” – the psychological interpretation

In psychological dream interpretation, cards are interpreted as aids on the journey through life. If the dreamer increasingly looks at a map in the dream world, then this can be an indication that he is trying to get back to himself orientate. Maybe he got lost and deviated from his planned path.

Sometimes a map can be seen in the dream world that looks very used and shows that other people have also used it. If this is the case, the dream image should show that the dreamer can learn from other people and will take the path in the right direction. The dreamer uses this on his life path advices other people and connects them with his personal experiences.

It can also be that the dreamed map gives a closer indication of the direction in which the dreamer should go in order to reach his goal. If the dreamer cannot read or understand the map, then he also has problems finding the right path in the waking world or is out of there difficulties blocked.

In some cases the dreamed map can also be one Travel desire of the dreaming.

Dream symbol “map” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the map is interpreted as a help to find the way to the next one spiritual goal to find. However, the dreamer also needs his own experiences on the way to wholeness in order to achieve this goal.

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