Manure – dream interpretation

We certainly associate the word “manure” primarily with a feeling of disgust and our noses wrinkle as soon as we read the word. We immediately have the image of a foul-smelling, stinking broth in our minds, the stench of which our nose would rather not be exposed to voluntarily.

In this context you are probably also familiar with the term “manure”, although this differs significantly from manure in its composition. Manure consists predominantly of animal urine, while manure also consists of animal feces and also portions of straw (manure) and water. The thing that is mostly used as fertilizer in the fields and meadows is manure. It is usually collected in a manure pit and then distributed over the field.

Manure is increasingly being used as a pure plant extract in horticulture and agriculture, where it is a popular and gentle plant protection agent and an excellent organic fertilizer. Plant manure is made, for example, from nettles, onions or comfrey.

If you now experience the dream symbol “manure” in your dream, there are various possible interpretations from the perspective of dream research.

Dream symbol “manure” – the general interpretation

Even if the dream image “manure” itself does not smell good, it is fundamentally to be seen as predominantly positive in general dream interpretation. Anyone who dreams of manure shows the unconscious that something that at first glance appears inferior and bad can actually become something good and great.

If you were able to clearly perceive the smell of the manure in the dream, this is a promise for you prosperity and Success in financial matters. However, you should be careful not to take advantage of others in your projects.

A cesspool also promises prosperity, but anyone who falls into one should expect unpleasant things and not take everything they say at face value. True to the motto: “Trust is good, control is better.”

A sign of an approaching one illness It can be when the dreamer sees himself standing in manure. If he soils himself with this, he should question his own actions and reflect on his conscience more often.

Dream symbol “manure” – the psychological interpretation

With the dream image “manure” the dreamer shows from the perspective of the psychological level of interpretation that, despite all the doubts that may plague him, he is inner potential to make something out of little.

The manure here may symbolize an immature personality and should be understood as a request to those affected to create the foundations for a better and successful future. Sometimes you have to leave things behind or go through dark and – in this case – dirty times in order to pave the way for this and to be able to develop further.

Furthermore, the dream image of manure can also be used as fertilizer and, in a figurative sense, as a driver for plans and Plan be understood. The dreamer can therefore work with hope and confidence on the implementation of his real dreams.

Dream symbol “manure” – the spiritual interpretation

Interpreted spiritually, the dream symbol “manure” stands for New beginning and spiritual growth.

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