Mandala – dream interpretation

The mandala is a graphic figure that has a distinct center. This figure is said to have special meaning, especially in Hinduism and Buddhism. It is also often used as a meditation aid.

In most cases, a mandala consists of a circle or a square or a polygon that is strongly aligned with a center. The representations can be quite different. There are both simple and complex variants. Many adults draw or color mandalas to relax. Because this process usually has something meditative about it.

The term mandala is often applied to round coloring pages in schools and kindergartens, which is not really correct. These images simply have a mandala-like structure.

On the dream level, any figure that is fold-symmetrical can often be viewed as a mandala. However, the mandala in dreams is considered one of the most powerful dream symbols, even if it is often not immediately recognizable or only becomes apparent after a longer period of observation. Common examples of this can be the shape of a square or even a garden.

Dream symbol “mandala” – the general interpretation

According to general dream analysis, the dream symbol “mandala” illustrates this Overall picture of one’s life, from birth to death. The dreamer should become aware of this cycle in the waking world, because it will enable him to develop personally.

In addition, a mandala in the dream is seen as a very geometric shape favorable sign viewed. The dreamer will make a lot of progress in his life and in the development of his individuality. Anyone who draws a mandala with a compass in their dream often longs for positive changes in their life in the waking world.

Coloring a mandala can often appear as a dream image skills points out that have so far received little or no attention at all. You should now consciously deal with these talents. For the general interpretation, the colors used for painting should also be examined more closely. If a henna mandala is painted on your skin while you sleep, you often want a change.

If the dream symbol “mandala” appears in a dream in connection with a kaleidoscope, you should be careful not to be too thoughtless in your waking life. One should be more attentive to things. A mandala tattoo while sleeping often embodies the dreamer’s desire to get his individuality to live out.

If a place appears as a circular pattern in the dream, this can mean that difficulties point out, but these can be solved easily. If you see a garden or a garden as a mandala while you sleep, you can generally view this as a positive sign in love matters.

Dream symbol “mandala” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams sees a mandala in a dream, which consists of a circle that encloses a square with a figure in the center, primarily as a symbol of the Holisticness of life.

At the same time, this dream content can contain a request to the sleeper Soul chaos assign. Because this is the prerequisite for inner balance. The psychoanalyst CG Jung also interprets the dream symbol “mandala” as an archetypal expression of the soul.

The sight of a rosette or an ornament that is reminiscent of a mandala can, as a dream image, often lead to a confrontation with one’s own Creativity encourage. Anyone who sees a mandala as a window in a church while sleeping should be shown that they can recognize and appreciate the beauty in life.

Dream symbol “mandala” – the spiritual interpretation

On the transcendent level of dream analysis, the dream symbol “mandala” can represent the simultaneous Connection of totality and detachment. The dreamer should thereby become aware of his spiritual self and his individuality, which, however, can still be united with a larger whole.

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