Major – dream interpretation

The major, like the lieutenant and the colonel, is a rank within the armed forces. He is also an officer and can be recognized by his shoulder badge with oak leaves and a star.

Majors can be employed in so-called staff positions or as military leaders. Their areas of responsibility are quite different. For example, majors can be found as chiefs of inspection or as heads of a company. They are also allowed to give orders to soldiers who are under their professional or official authority.

But what meaning does the dream symbol “Major” bring with it? And what can it mean if we receive such orders in a dream?

Dream symbol “Major” – the general interpretation

Generally speaking, the dream image “Major” can mainly be attributed to Disputes indicate what may soon come to the dreamer in the waking world. Therefore, one should be careful and watch his words and actions.

If the dreamer himself is a major in the Bundeswehr in his dream, this can illustrate that one has to deal with the uncertainties of life determination should oppose. Even if you don’t know what to expect, you should stick to your plans and intentions.

If the major commands a regiment in the dream, the dreamer should be with his Finance busy in the waking world. Because he may be threatened with losses here. If the dream image of the major is leading a military school, one should accept his insecurities in reality. Only then will the person affected make progress in their life.

Wearing a Majors uniform while sleeping can occur positive developments point out in the future. If the dreamer sees the badge of a major, he will often become aware of his own striving for recognition and power in the waking world.

Dream symbol “Major” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams interprets the major in the dream as a sign of discipline. The dreamer may miss this in his waking life, which is why his dream asks him to behave in a disciplined manner.

Seen in the sense of a soldier, the dream symbol “Major” can also be one admonition to bring more order into his chaotic life. Only when this has happened will the person affected be able to develop further.

Psychologically, the sight of a major in a barracks can indicate that one should pay more attention to his physical and mental condition. You may feel a little stressed or overwhelmed in your waking life. If the major gives orders to a troop in the dream, the dreamer may face circumstances Changes before, which he can hardly influence.

Marching majors in a parade can often be seen as a dream image annoyances entail. However, this trouble will often be your own fault due to your rash behavior.

Dream symbol “Major” – the spiritual interpretation

Seen as a member of the army, the dream symbol “Major” can, according to spiritual dream interpretation, exhort you to improve your own spiritual Energies and use forces judiciously.

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