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The “head” as a name for the human head is often found in proverbs and quotations in today’s language. One bows or bows one’s head to someone to show appreciation, and we rest our weary heads on the pillow. When we acknowledge a mistake or, perhaps ironically, take responsibility for a misstep, we say: “Ashes on my head.” Saints are often depicted with a halo around their heads.

In a dream, the symbol “head” is to be interpreted similarly to the head. Now what does it mean if you bow your head or lose your head in a dream?

Dream symbol “main” – the general interpretation

In general, the head is a dream symbol for rationality, i.e. healthy ones common sense and the dreamer’s overview of his life and his feelings. Headaches, if they are not the result of actually feeling sick in waking life, can be a sign of confusion and worries in everyday life. The dreamer is racking his brain about something. A wound or bandage on the head also indicates worries.

If someone scratches their head repeatedly in a dream, they may be… Envy or plagued by annoying people who interfere with his judgment.

Anyone who walks with their head held high in a dream should be careful not to become too proud, because as we all know, pride comes before a fall. Tilting your head indicates that the dreamer realizes that he is with you Blaspheme and slander will not achieve much, on the contrary, he may end up harming himself.

A lot can be read from the hair style on the head in the dream. Beautiful, full, shiny hair indicates that you are in waking life feel lovedwashing your head and hair can also be interpreted positively and represents one carefree time.

A bald head, on the other hand, points to this mockery that you will be annoyed about. If your head is shaved in a dream, this humiliating process speaks for itself shameful eventthat causes you distress.

Dreaming about a beheading can be frightening and frightening, especially given the current terror from the Middle East. But don’t worry: beheading is an old, well-known dream symbol. Anyone who is beheaded is in danger of losing their head – they can’t really count on their wits at the moment and have to collect themselves again.

A torso without a head also speaks of headlessness in the metaphorical sense. Seeing a severed head without the corresponding body is said to either indicate a death in a circle of friends or to Perseverance, as a reminder not to give up and persevere. If the dreamer himself beheads someone, this speaks of a transferred victory over his enemies.

In some dreams the dreamer has more than one head, he carries the wrong one on his shoulders, which doesn’t actually belong to him, or his head is sitting upside down. These dream images are also indications that the dreamer is threatening Overview to lose.

If he wears an animal head, the symbolism of the respective animal must be taken into account, but also the person’s feeling towards the animal. The head of a wild animal speaks for Strength and overcoming power, that of a dog or donkey for servitude and submission, that of a bird for a flighty creature or a Need for freedom.

Dream symbol “main” – the psychological interpretation

The head as the seat of the mind and control center for mind and body, as a dream symbol, points psychologically to the dreamer’s relationship between Mind and Feeling there. If he loses his head in a dream, he probably feels confused and cannot think clearly.

Possibly driving him Care for around, or certain feelings prevent him from approaching a matter rationally. It is not uncommon for the dreamer to be unaware of this disproportion; the dream is a message from the subconscious to keep a cool head.

Dream symbol “head” – the spiritual interpretation

In a spiritual sense, the head represents that Spiritual and the Meditation. But it can also point to the head of John the Baptist and represent a warning about evil in the earthly world.

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