Magnet – dream interpretation

A magnet is a body that attracts or repels iron. It occurs in nature, for example in rocks. The Earth itself also has magnetic poles (North Pole and South Pole) and magnetic fields that help migratory birds, for example, orient themselves. To do this, people need a compass whose needle is aligned with magnetic fields and deep-lying electrical currents.

A magnet always has two poles. Like poles repel each other, opposite poles attract each other. Magnets are needed in many areas; they can be found in speakers as well as in bicycle dynamos and electric motors. Fridge magnets with colorful motifs and slogans are popular, with which you can attach notes conveniently and clearly. A crowd puller is an entertainer who attracts large numbers of spectators with his skills.

If someone dreams of a magnet, they might want to use it to craft or attach something. He may have a general interest in scientific topics such as magnetism. For dream interpretation it is interesting whether the dreamer attracts something with the dream symbol “magnet” or whether he is attracted.

Dream symbol “magnet” – the general interpretation

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “magnet” is a symbol for the internal energy of the dreamer. If he stays alone, he doesn’t feel his strength. It is only activated through contact with others. The dream is an indication that the dreamer links strives for that could be useful to him.

Especially if the dreamer is holding the magnet in his hand, the dream symbol is a signal for positive developments. If someone else attracts things with the help of the magnet, in dream interpretation this is a warning about this person’s disloyalty.

In popular dream interpretation, the dream symbol “magnet” reflects the engaging nature of the dreamer. He has the gift of making contacts and using them to his advantage. However, you shouldn’t be too trusting.

If the dreamer sees several magnets, this is a warning to be careful in dream interpretation bad influences. If objects are attracted to a magnet in a dream, the dream symbol indicates an impending loss. If the dreamer himself is attracted, he may have fallen in love in reality. He should try to remember the person who held the magnet in the dream.

Dream symbol “magnet” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the dream symbol “magnet” has two aspects. On the one hand, it and its specific properties can be explained scientifically. A magnet is therefore a logical, rational component. The dreamer’s subconscious classifies events and experiences in the dream into certain categories and thereby processes them.

The other aspect of this dream symbol is the two poles that represent Sympathy and Antipathy stand. It is important for the interpretation of the dream which people play a role in the dream. The dreamer unconsciously rejects someone or feels attracted to them.

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “magnet” can also indicate your own attraction. The dream shows how the dreamer sees his own attractiveness assessed. In addition, the magnet also represents power and influence. However, the dreamer is dependent on interaction with those around him. In the dream, the subconscious makes it clear that the dreamer can only use his resources in social exchange.

Dream symbol “magnet” – the spiritual interpretation

In a transcendent sense, the dream symbol “magnet” symbolizes this Charisma. Whether it is the spiritual quality of the dreamer or that of another person depends on the context of the dream.

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