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Every person dreams several times a night. About two thousand times a year. Most dreams, however, do not reach consciousness or are forgotten seconds after awakening. This is a loss because dreams convey encoded messages from the subconscious and are therefore an aid to life. Provided that the picture stories from the inside can be deciphered.

Almost all methods of dream interpretation use certain symbols that show in an encrypted form what the dream is trying to tell us. In order to be clear about what should be said to the dreamer, it is often necessary to listen to yourself. This is the only way to carry out an accurate dream analysis. Many people dream about animals or insects, each of which has a different meaning.

This article explains what the dream symbol “Made” means. Many dreamers still feel disgust even after waking up if they have experienced these crawling “vermin” in their sleep. Only a few are in a positive mood afterwards. But one should not underestimate the importance of these worms for dream analysis. Depending on the dream situation, the maggot is said to have many interesting aspects of interpretation.

When a maggot appears in our dreams, it is often in the human body. You can find out what meanings can be derived from this below:

Dream symbol “Made” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Maggot under the skin? Here is the dream interpretation!

What a disgusting feeling! Dreaming about a maggot or a worm under your skin is certainly one of those dreams you don’t want. In general, such a dream in which you have a maggot in your skin indicates harmful influences that may have an impact on the dreamer. Better examine your relationships with other people.

Having a maggot in your eye: an absolute nightmare

According to dream interpretation, having a maggot in your eye in a dream is a warning that someone or something is tampering with your thinking. It can be either a specific thing or a person. The small parasite in your eye symbolizes a problem that has become lodged in your head in the waking world.

Spit maggots out of your mouth, ugh! What the dream means

If there are maggots in your mouth in a dream, this common dream situation often indicates a threat. This danger relates to the dreamer’s mental life. Spitting out the maggots should be seen as a reminder to concentrate more on your well-being and not to ignore alarm signals. Other people who actually harass and try to influence the sleeper can also be classified as dangerous.

Maggot in the leg – why do I dream about it?

Slowly and tinglingly, the little worm makes its way through the leg of the dreamer, who desperately tries to get rid of the pest again. Most people will wake up from such a nightmare in a sweat and ask themselves what this extremely unpleasant dream symbol means. One of the many meanings of this dream image is the restriction of mobility in the waking world. This can be understood as an actual but also as a symbolic restriction.

Infested foot: The dream maggot as a parasite, yuck!

If there is a maggot in your foot in a dream, this can be interpreted as an impairment in the further course of your life. Pay particular attention to the size of the maggot: a large maggot indicates serious problems, a small maggot indicates difficulties that can be overcome relatively easily.

Dream symbol “Made” – the general interpretation

Maggots and caterpillars are the larvae of certain flies, such as flies, which feed on food waste or carrion and lay their pupae there. Many people find maggots repulsive because they are usually found on waste or on dead animals or people. Therefore, maggots are often associated with the dream interpretation Tod associated.

However, a dream about maggots also relates to how one faces death or deals with dying. For example, the dream can show whether there is fear of death or whether it is viewed as inevitable. Sometimes the maggot dream is also intended to encourage the dreamer to think about their relationship to death or to stop fearing it.

Proverbial is often used by “the maggot in the bacon” spoken. Therefore the dream could too Games embodied when, for example, a person enjoys themselves at the expense of other people. Here it is important to take other people who appeared in the dream into account when analyzing the dream. Dreamers who like to put their hands in their laps and wait rather than take action may see themselves as maggots in their dreams.

A maggot under the skin in a dream or a maggot in the body often causes one in a dream scare. Such dreams indicate that there may be harmful people in the dreaming environment. The person should be careful who he trusts completely.

If the dreamed maggot is in the leg, this should be understood as a reminder to become more active and put plans into action. The maggot in the foot, which blocks mobility, is interpreted in a similar way.

A maggot in the mouth shows one threat from outside. This threat penetrates the inside of the dreamer, that is, it touches his soul. These can be people who want to manipulate the dreamer or only see their own advantage.

Dream symbol “Made” – the psychological interpretation

Under certain circumstances, maggots can be a sign of impurity understood, which then affects, for example, mental connections. The dreamer may have the feeling on a spiritual level dirty to be and may want to free yourself from certain feelings.

Since maggots are often perceived as disgusting, this dream can also represent emotions, thoughts or behaviors from the subconscious, which are more likely to him foreign are or which he rejects and even detests.

The dreamer often feels as if he is being eaten from the inside because something foreign has embedded itself in him. This dream could Ideas, feelings or Thoughts embody things that the dreamer is less comfortable with.

Dream symbol “Made” – the spiritual interpretation

From a spiritual perspective, the maggot dream is usually a symbol of one Angstthat before Diseases or even death is felt. Often, however, the dreamer finds support in misfortune, a relief from suffering or illness, so to speak. He should therefore be prepared for the possibility that on the spiritual level soon Changes will occur.

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