Lye – dream interpretation

A lye is an alkaline solution that is best known to us as detergent or soap. It is also used in paper production and by bakers. Pretzel pastries such as pretzels are brushed with the brine before baking and this gives them their typical taste.

A lye is more corrosive than some acids and is therefore ideal as a paint and varnish remover on cupboards and doors. You can also use a lye solution to create a soap bubble. The soapy water rinses the dirt out of the laundry. Anyone who feels drained has the feeling that all energy has been drained from them, like stains from dirty clothing.

Handling lye is not without danger, and anyone who dreams of it may be aware of this and behave accordingly with caution. Maybe spring cleaning or renovation work is coming up in the dreamer’s real life. The details are important in dream interpretation: What happens to lye and how does the dreamer behave?

Dream symbol “lye” – the general interpretation

Lye is a dream symbol for the bitter truththat sometimes needs to be said. The dreamer feels the need to tell someone what he thinks of him.

In dream interpretation, however, the dream image also reminds us to choose the words carefully. The timing must also be right for such an open confrontation. Anyone who burns themselves with lye has an injury similar to that of a burn. Anyone who drinks it in a dream is for a specific person ignited. When drunk, the dream symbol means not only burning feelings of love, but also rebelliousness.

In dream interpretation, handling lye can herald unpleasant scenes within the family. For gossip and Gossip – as with the washerwomen – the solution is available when the dreamer creates it himself. He should stay out of the conversation as much as possible. The dream symbol is an indication of a serious accident that could affect the dreamer if he injures himself in the dream.

Dream symbol “lye” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological aspect, lye is the dream symbol for one in dream interpretation unpleasant phase of life, which is now being completed. The subconscious uses the lye in the dream to symbolically cleanse the psyche of the tainted past in order to prepare the way for a new beginning.

However, the dirty laundry is not washed in public, but rather in secret, protected from the eyes of curious people. The dreamer does his mental purification with yourself. If a fire is lit under the washing kettle with the lye in a dream, the dream interpretation increases the cleansing effect.

Dream symbol “lye” – the spiritual interpretation

In dream interpretation, lye is a dream symbol that represents the need for one spiritual purification represents. Freed from all stressful things, people can live spiritually and holistically.

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