Lute – dream interpretation

The lute originally comes from the Arabic region and found its way to Europe in the Middle Ages. With its pear-shaped body and the right-angled neck, the musical instrument is visually striking. The double strings give the stringed instrument its distinctive sound.

In the Renaissance, when it was considered fashionable at the aristocratic courts to have court musicians in their service, the lute was the queen of instruments. Its importance decreased over time, but in recent decades it has been used more frequently again in musical performances at medieval markets.

Music has a similar effect in dreams as it does when awake. When you dream of the delicate sounds of a lute, you certainly have a feeling of harmony and relaxation. Perhaps the dreamer secretly wishes to be able to play an instrument. What is interesting in connection with dream interpretation is whether the dreamer plays the strings himself or whether he listens and enjoys it.

Dream symbol “lute” – the general interpretation

As a dream symbol, the lute promises relaxed conversation in pleasant company. In dream interpretation, musical instruments generally refer to the dreamer’s communicative abilities.

The lute is also a symbol of inner harmony and Balance also for creativity. It is possible that she announces a romance in the dream. If the dreamer hits the lute himself, it is a sign of good news. Maybe people he hasn’t heard from in a long time will get in touch again.

In popular dream interpretation, the dream symbol “lute” also stands for Success and Luck as well as for happiness. Anyone who listens to the sounds of a lute in a dream has the prospect of pleasant pursuits.

Dream symbol “lute” – the psychological interpretation

As a dream symbol, musical instruments often have a sexual meaning from a psychological perspective. In dream interpretation, the sound with its pleasing curves is a symbol of the feminine in the erotic sense, but also of the emotionality and possibly romantic infatuation of the dreamer. Maybe he isn’t even aware of his emotional side and so he lives it out in his dreams.

In addition, the dream symbol “lute” is a symbol of social skills. Sociability, open-mindedness and sociability are expressed in the dreamed sounds of the lute.

The music that is produced with the dream symbol “lute” refers in dream interpretation to the need for inner balance and harmony. At the same time, it also reflects the sensuality and the lustful attitude of the dreamer. He may have sexual desires that he has previously suppressed and not lived out. The sound in the dream can ultimately provide information about unconscious erotic needs, especially if it is the dreamer himself who plays it.

Dream symbol “lute” – the spiritual interpretation

With the lute you express your own spiritual personality in dreams and establish a connection to life and the divine.

In the interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol indicates the high status that the dreamer has spiritual harmony attaches.

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