Lily of the valley – dream interpretation

The lily of the valley is one of the messengers of spring. The delicate bell-shaped flowers develop in March, April, May to June. With their fresh white, they form a beautiful contrast to the strong, dark green leaves. The flowers later ripen into red berries, which birds especially appreciate as food.

The flower is native all over the world and can be found primarily in oak and beech forests. The lily of the valley is also very popular as an ornamental plant in the garden. However, caution is advised because all parts of the lily of the valley plant are highly poisonous. The sweet scent of the hermaphrodite flower underlines the meaning of the month of love and joy in May.

A dream about lily of the valley can be triggered by an actual scent stimulus. Many perfumes contain the aroma of the flower. The dreamer may have noticed this smell the day before or at the moment of the dream. When interpreting dreams, it is interesting to find out what role scent and toxicity play.

Dream symbol “lily of the valley” – the general interpretation

As a dream symbol, the lily of the valley combines two aspects, because on the one hand it represents spring with its awakening desire for love and romantic feelings. On the other hand, in dream interpretation it symbolizes the bitter end of an adventure as a poisonous plant.

In order to understand the meaning of the dream more closely, the dreamer should critically examine his feelings in the dream: Are the feelings actually constant or will the flirtation possibly lead to painful experiences? If the dream symbol “lily of the valley” is already wilted, it represents, according to dream analysis, an impending separation.

In addition, the lily of the valley with its captivating scent is a dream symbol for the pleasant things in life: wishes come true, happiness and joy await the dreamer. The happy times are full Amusements However, they can come to an abrupt end full of disappointments. Because in dream interpretation the spring flower has another face. The poison of the lily of the valley also embodies malice and resentment.

For dream research, the dream symbol is therefore an invitation to the dreamer harmful influences to get out of the way.

Dream symbol “lily of the valley” – the psychological interpretation

From the psychological point of view of dream interpretation, flowers are a symbol of childhood and femininity. The bud of the dream symbol “lily of the valley” refers to Talents and Talents of the dreaming, which could unfold in the future.

An opening blossom of the spring flower signals the beginning of a personal development. The dream can draw awareness to character traits, attitudes, and thought processes. According to dream analysis, in the dreams of young girls and women, the dream symbol “lily of the valley” often expresses unconscious expectations and hopes in connection with love and romance.

The scent of lily of the valley, which one can feel very clearly in dreams, is an expression of the dream interpretation Longing after a past moment. The dream symbol evokes the memory of an experience that the dreamer unconsciously finds particularly pleasant. The dream relives the situation, which can trigger very strong emotions.

The interpretation of what is happening in the dream takes on another aspect when the poison of the lily of the valley is the focus. According to dream research, the dream symbol then embodies one Defensive reaction of the dreamer to certain influences that contradict his values ​​and thereby harm his soul.

Dream symbol “lily of the valley” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level, lilies of the valley are one of the Marian flowers and, in dream interpretation, symbolize chastity, modesty and humility. As a dream symbol, they not only embody Love and compassionbut also spirituality and holiness.

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