Lemming – dream interpretation

Lemmings are small rodents related to mice. They live primarily in colder, northern regions, but you can also keep them as pets.

Like many other animals and species, lemmings can also appear as symbols in our dreams. It happens that in the dream situation we see a lemming scurrying in front of us. Sometimes we even manage to catch the little rodent. In this context, the less pleasant dreams certainly include those in which a dead lemming is seen. Nevertheless, such dreams should also be taken seriously, because the lemming always has a symbolic meaning that allows many conclusions to be drawn about us and our lives. But how exactly is it interpreted?

Dream symbol “lemming” – the general interpretation

A lemming can always appear in a dream Problems and annoyances Clues. These put a strain on those affected in everyday life. Maybe he even has the feeling that the ever-increasing worries are gradually robbing him of his vitality.

According to popular belief, seeing the lemming is supposed to encourage him to still keep a clear mind and approach the problems in a well-thought-out way. If the dreamer behaves too emotionally, he will no longer be able to control the resulting chaos in his life and things threaten to get over his head.

The symbol of the lemming is interpreted more positively if the person concerned manages to catch one of the rodents in the dream. In this case, he also faces difficulties in real life, but the dream promises soon improvement. The current complicated matters will not last long. This stressful phase can soon be overcome. In addition, there will soon be positive developments in business and financial terms.

A dead lemming also refers to the general interpretation of dreams Enemies. Some people are not well disposed towards the person affected. They may even be planning an ambush. However, one should still remain calm: the symbol of the dead lemming promises the ultimate failure of the enemy’s plans.

Dream symbol “lemming” – the psychological interpretation

A lemming shows a psychological interpretation approach internal imbalance at. The dreamer is not in harmony with himself. The reason for this can be worries about certain developments in real life. The problem may also lie in the personality structure: According to psychoanalysts, anyone who dreams of a lemming often suffers from low self-confidence and even self-doubt.

Against this background, it may be advisable to research the reasons for the mental imbalance in more detail with professional help. Alternatively, the dreamer should at least think about confiding in friends or family and asking for support in this environment.

Dream symbol “lemming” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the lemming is a symbol of excessive food consumption and instinctual needs.

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