Leggings – dream interpretation

Gaiters are items of clothing that attach to the shoe from the ankle up, sometimes even above the knee. Their purpose can be different, but they should always protect against cold, dirt or injuries. For this reason, gaiters used to be part of the military’s regular equipment.

Leggings - dream interpretation

In addition, gaiters can also play a role in dreams. It may happen that someone dreams of wearing, buying or just seeing them.

But what meaning does the dream symbol have?

Dream symbol “gaiters” – the general interpretation

According to general opinion, anyone who sees gaiters in a dream can understand this as a symbol that a rich or influential person is interested in him or her. It is quite possible that this interest will develop into one love relationship developed. This definitely has a chance of lasting long-term, but the dreamer should be aware that this is also the case difficulties could be connected if money becomes an issue in the relationship.

Although the partnership will be characterized by passion and pleasure, the leggings in the dream also warn jealousy and rivalry. The dreamer should therefore be careful not to get involved with a partner who is married or already in a relationship, despite his strong feelings. This will ultimately lead to strife and misfortune.

According to the general interpretation, wearing gaiters in a dream indicates that the person concerned will have to assert themselves in their life in the future. He must prove through hard work that he has earned his social or business position. Others may not be well disposed towards him and will put obstacles in his way.

However, if you buy gaiters, you can see the dream as an announcement of a long one Travel understand.

Dream symbol “gaiters” – the psychological interpretation

The aspect that gaiters protect the feet and legs is reflected in the psychological interpretation of the dream symbol. The dreamer believes that he is facing something in real life protect to have to. He is afraid of what lies ahead.

This fear may relate to his life path in general, or the person concerned may have subconsciously recognized that there are people who will cause him difficulties and therefore do not wish him any good.

In addition, some psychoanalysts see the dream symbol “gaiters” as something caused by the dreamer himself inhibition. He’s too obsessed with a certain way of dealing with situations. In this way he gets in his own way.

Dream symbol “gaiters” – the spiritual interpretation

According to the spiritual view, wearing gaiters in a dream can be an indication blasphemies be. Others may talk badly about the person concerned behind their back. However, this will not permanently harm his life.

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