Leather – dream interpretation

The ancient Egyptians already mastered the skill of tanning animal skins and processing them into leather in the 4th millennium BC. Leather is a natural product valued for its robustness and longevity. Belts, bags, shoes and boots, leather jackets, gloves, halters, balls like a handball, covers for upholstery are made from leather. The skins of cattle, pigs, goats and sheep are mainly used, but elephant, snake or crocodile skin is also still considered chic in some places. The people of Mongolia make leather from their yaks and the people of the Andes make leather from llamas.

On the one hand, leather is good protection for feet and hands, but on the other hand, shackles and whips were also made from leather in the past. The material is easy to experience with the senses; you can feel and smell whether something is made of real leather. Leather car seats or upholstered furniture exude luxury. Leather also has something erotic about it, for example as clothing and especially in the sado-maso scene. When someone says something bad about someone else, they say: “He pulls from the leather”.

If you see leather in a dream, you may awaken your longing for nature and a simple life. The dreamer certainly enjoys touching the leather. Maybe the dream is about a pair of stylish shoes that you would like to have. In other dream experiences, leather care can play a central role: you experience yourself greasing leather with shoe polish or a special pomade. – But why do you dream such things?

We would like to shed more light on the dream symbol below.

Dream symbol “leather” – the general interpretation

In dream interpretation, leather is the dream symbol for Endurance and persistence. The dreamer has to put in a lot of effort and will be rewarded with success in the end, both professionally and privately. Leather in a dream indicates good business as well as many appointments.

Especially if the dreamer makes something out of leather, this is an indication in the dream interpretation that Wishes could soon be fulfilled. The longevity of the dream symbol indicates that the dreamer can also hope for a long life, crowned by numerous descendants.

As a very tough material, the dream symbol “leather” is a sign in dream interpretation that the dreamer will need perseverance in a matter in order to reach the goal.

In popular dream interpretation, a stack of pieces of leather promises wealth and Luck. Anyone who wears leather clothes in a dream can assume that there will be more stability in their life in the future. In this context, the dream symbol also promises a lucky hand in financial speculation.

Dealing with leather in a dream is depressing Sense of reality and a clear, sensible view of life. In dream interpretation, leather jewelry is a symbol of loyalty and love for the homeland. If the dreamer also trades in leather jewelry, he can increase his wealth without having to change anything in his company.

Dream symbol “leather” – the psychological interpretation

On a psychological level, the resistant and robust leather symbolizes the animal side of dreams, which is characterized by instincts. In dream interpretation, leather has an erotic component and indicates suppressed urges. The dreamer may see something in the dream image of himselfwhich remains invisible in real life.

Apart from the sexual reference, it is also about the personality of the dreamer. Possibly he has special qualities such as perseverance and consistency.

In dream interpretation, a dream with this dream symbol is also an indication that you are to protect wants what one perceives as danger. Leather clothing, such as motorcycle gear or work gloves, protects people from serious injuries. In dream interpretation, this aspect of the dream symbol “leather” can be interpreted as fear of a threat and a need for security.

Dream symbol “leather” – the spiritual interpretation

Leather whips and straps used to be used to punish others, but also to punish oneself. In dream interpretation, the dream symbol on the spiritual level can be an indication that the dreamer feels the urge to chastise himself, as a kind of spiritual Self-cleaning and purification.

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