Lawn – dream interpretation

We can encounter a lawn in a wide variety of states both in reality and in dreams. Once it is cared for and well grown, with lush green blades of grass. Other times we see a dried out or overgrown lawn with lots of weeds such as groundweed, thistles, nettles and meter-high grass.

The lawn on a golf course is of course a special feature. It must always be well maintained and prepared for golf. The use of a mower is ideal for this; If you have also experienced this dream symbol, you should find out its meaning by searching on this website.

The question is interesting: Does the dream interpretation of the symbol “lawn” differ depending on the state of the lawn experienced in the dream? And what does the dream of a lawn actually mean to us? What is hidden behind this dream image?

Dream symbol “lawn” – the general interpretation

Within the general interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol “lawn” is often seen as a erotic sign understood. Depending on the nature of the lawn or the green mat in the dream, luck or bad luck in love matters can be read here.

In addition, the lawn as a dream symbol promises a long and healthy life, especially if the dreamer is sitting or lying on the lawn in the dream. If daisies grow on the lawn in a dream, one should become aware of the innocent longing for love. In this context, buttercups can indicate an improvement in business matters.

The sight of a well-maintained lawn as a dream symbol is generally considered a sign of domestic wealth interpreted. An unkempt or wildly overgrown lawn in a dream heralds happy coincidences. If the dreamer sees a green lawn in his dream, he will soon make unexpected acquaintances in the waking world. Some people can even manage to regain their lost love. Sitting or lying on a lawn in a dream symbolizes good health and well-being for the dreamer in the waking world.

If the dreamer walks across a well-kept lawn in his dream, he can look forward to joyful events and prosperity in his waking life. In addition, potentially difficult relationships within the family will improve. Attending a happy garden party on lawn in a dream symbolizes interesting and lucrative business relationships as well as worldly pleasures. successes In business matters, according to the general interpretation of dreams, mowing or cutting a lawn in a dream announces.

Dream symbol “lawn” – the psychological interpretation

When interpreting the dream symbol “lawn” psychologically, the main focus is on the condition of the lawn. If it is green and well-groomed in the dream, it refers to the physical and mental Health of the dreamer in the waking world.

However, if the lawn appears unkempt and full of weeds in the dream, the interpretation is reversed. Then the dream symbol points more to that Vulnerabilities in the life of the dreamer. He should therefore consider in the waking world whether he is on the right path in life for him. Corrections may need to be made here.

Mowing a large piece of lawn with a mowing machine can be understood as a warning to the dreamer. He should beware of pride and overconfidence. If you cut off pieces of grass with a spade while you sleep, this can indicate strenuous work that will take a long time.

Dream symbol “lawn” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level of dream interpretation, the dream symbol “lawn” refers to one, similar to grass Change of consciousness of the dreamer.

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