Lava – dream interpretation

Lava is the name given to molten rock masses that rise from the earth’s interior to the surface. Before this liquid mass comes to the earth’s surface, it is called magma.

Anyone who has ever seen pictures of a volcanic eruption knows how powerful such a flow of lava can be. Depending on the composition of the rock, the embers reach temperatures of up to 1300 degrees Celsius. Volcanic eruptions that produce these extreme temperatures can be found, for example, in volcanoes in Hawaii.

Nothing can stop a flow of lava; even water cannot cool down the flowing danger. This is particularly observed in lava flows that flow into the sea. Only the surface of the lava cools down and the interior remains glowing hot for a long time. The gases trapped in the lava mass can form agate quartz, which has beautiful patterns and is often used for jewelry making.

Because volcanic eruptions and hot lava also throw volcanic ash into the sky, which later settles on people and animals and endangers their respiratory tract, such events are usually viewed as serious natural disasters.

So how did the dream symbol “Lava” appear in your dreams? Think carefully about your dream again and try to remember as many details as possible.

Dream symbol “lava” – the general interpretation

If the dream image “lava” appears in your dream experience, this shows, according to general dream interpretation, that you have a real person Danger have already perceived. You are aware that certain situations require your special attention and caution.

The word “danger” can stand for problems that cause you a lot of trouble in everyday life or for a threat in the form of falsehood and fraud. Here the individual life situation of the dreamer must be taken into account in the dream interpretation.

Seeing a bubbling volcano with hot lava in front of you personifies great and strong passions and desires. The dreamer tends to suppress them, but these emotions bubble under the surface with enormous force and call on those affected to act. Drives and needs that are constantly repressed will sooner or later force their way out and if they are held back for too long, this can result in a huge and violent bang.

Dream symbol “lava” – the psychological interpretation

Lava also represents strong emotions on a psychological level. This can be anger, passion or even sexual desire be. Above all, seeing glowing lava in a dream reflects the intensity of these feelings very clearly.

If you suppress your emotions for too long – for reasons of shame or insecurity – they can manifest themselves in physical discomfort or erupt in an impulsive emotional outburst.

If the lava flow that you experience in the dream has already cooled down and solidified, this also causes a real cooling emotions embodied. It is possible that a relationship has long since run out of steam because love and passion have been lost. This change in emotions can show up in the dream image “lava” and affect both the dreamer and his partner or loved one.

Jealousy and strong directness can hide behind huge masses of lava that destroy everything. The dreaming person may be prone to rash actions and may not be in control of themselves and their emotions.

The lava that appears in the dream therefore warns the dreamer to do so Cautionbecause the person affected can be just as destructive as they are and can cause a lot of damage through their short-tempered and emotional nature.

Dream symbol “lava” – the spiritual interpretation

On a spiritual level, the dream image “lava” represents strong, unbridled emotions. If these are repeatedly suppressed, the soul is also damaged, because for a balanced mind all energies should be in harmonious balance.

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