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A heavy load cannot only refer to the physical strength needed to carry something heavy. Sometimes it is also a burden that weighs heavily on someone’s soul.

Many working people are also aware of the tax burden. A typical vice, i.e. a harmful habit, is smoking cigarettes. Cattle such as oxen pull or carry heavy goods over a yoke, and a freight elevator transports the same up or down. A truck transports goods from A to B. A tricycle for adults also serves many people as a simple tool for transporting goods or people. Sometimes such bikes are also equipped with a motor so that pedaling almost happens by itself.

Which load needs to be moved in the dream world should be clear from the dream plot and the details.

Dream symbol “burden” – the general interpretation

If the dreamer sees himself struggling with a heavy burden in the dream world, such as a heavily loaded wheelbarrow, or struggling and moaning, then it can be deduced that he will successfully complete a project in the waking world.

If the dreamer feels in his sleep how he himself is burdened with the burden, there is a threat of business difficulties and problems. A particularly heavy load can also be a sign of a catastrophe that the dreamer is going through poor planning and creates a lack of reality.

It is positive if the dreamer does not collapse despite the heavy burden. Because then he will get through the difficult phase and be successful again. If he can let others carry the burden, he will soon get a good assignment that will give him a big one Profit will bring. If the dream sees others carrying a burden, there are complicated tasks and work that he has to do.

If the dreamer frees himself from a heavy burden by throwing it away, then he will also be able to free himself from a difficult situation in waking life. Pulling a load up over a pulley in a dream can indicate external influences. If you see a beast of burden in a dream, such as a donkey, a yak, a camel or a llama, this can be seen as a symbol of the dreamer’s endurance.

The sight of a pillar on which the load of a roof rests, for example, can indicate the creation of a good basis for life while sleeping.

Dream symbol “burden” – the psychological interpretation

According to the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dreamed burden is a symbol of a heavy one burden seen that people have to carry with them in life. This burden can also be a guilt or a suspicion that weighs heavily and depresses the dreamer. Perhaps something is weighing heavily on his conscience, which manifests itself in a dreamed burden.

The burden in the dream world often also shows that the dreamer is in waking life Responsibility must take over that weighs heavily on the dreamer. But if the dreamer watches others carrying a load, he is trying to evade this responsibility. He is usually afraid to take on a position of responsibility in the world of security.

If the dreamer struggles to move a load while sleeping, then he will have to be prepared for difficult tasks to come in the waking world.

Dream symbol “burden” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the burden in the dream world is a sign of stress from the Pastwhich the dreamer still has to work through in order to be able to continue on his path in life.

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