Larva – dream interpretation

A larva can have different meanings. In zoology, it refers to the transition phase in animals that undergo metamorphosis from egg to adult. This is particularly the case with insects and amphibians. What is characteristic of a larva is that it often bears no resemblance to the adult animal and usually even shows a completely different way of life. This is best seen in the caterpillar, the larva of the butterfly, which pupates and develops completely new. The grub is also known as the larva of the cockchafer.

In another sense, a larva is a mask or a ghost, which is derived from the Latin name “larva”. Especially in southern Germany as well as in Austria and German-speaking Switzerland, the larva is a carnival mask. The larva is usually worn by people who try to hide their evil plans through the larva.

The saying that a criminal can be exposed also derives from these larval masks. Death masks are also often referred to as larvae, even though they reflect the actual facial features of the deceased.

Larvae of all kinds can also be seen in the dream world. This often causes discomfort to those who dream.

Dream symbol “larva” – the general interpretation

Is it one? Insect larvaewhich the dreamer sees in the dream world, this indicates a project that is still in progress Development is. When the larva appears, it also means that there is usually a momentary pause in a project.

Dream research also interprets the larva as an indication that the dreamer is a Secret has what he is surely hiding. If larvae are eaten while sleeping by birds, such as a woodpecker, this can indicate that plans will not develop as desired.

If the larvae of a type of moth attack textiles in a dream, if they nibble on clothing or carpets, this dream image can occur Streit announce with your partner. This poisons the domestic atmosphere, so you should seek a clarifying conversation soon.

If a larva occurs in a dream in the sense of a mask that other people carry in the dream world, then this dream image warns hypocrisy and fraud. The dreamer should then be very careful, because someone wants to deceive him. However, if the dreamer is wearing a larva as a mask, this shows that he is currently unhappy and not satisfied with his life.

Dream symbol “larva” – the psychological interpretation

Not only is the larva just a transitional stage in nature, but it also symbolizes this process in the dream world. Therefore, the psychological interpretation of dreams sees the insect larva as a sign that the dream is developing and Transformation goes through in waking life. Sometimes this dream image can also hide the desire to make a new development.

In some dream actions, the insect larva can also give the feeling of being trapped and helplessness of the dreamer in the waking world. However, the larva is rarely seen in this meaning – here it helps to interpret the other symbols seen in the dream in order to arrive at the overall interpretation of the dream.

If the larva appears in the form of a mask, dream research interprets this as a symbol of one facadewhich the dreamer tries to build up for himself in order not to show his true face to those around him.

Dream symbol “larva” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the larva is a symbol of the spiritual Development of the dreamer.

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