Landscape – dream interpretation

The landscape can be understood both philosophically and culturally and geographically. In dream interpretation, the landscape usually refers to the area in which the dream action takes place. In this context it is a kind of backdrop for the dream.

Nevertheless, the landscape provides many important and decisive clues for dream analysis and should therefore definitely be included in the interpretation.

Dream symbol “landscape” – the general interpretation

A dreamed landscape often symbolizes one Longing of the dreamer, which is not satisfied. The condition of the landscape in the dream world provides further information for dream interpretation.

If the area in the dream is beautiful and sunny, the dreamer will have a good time and relax Luck and love can be happy. prosperity and wealth announces a fertile landscape with grain fields and clear rivers.

A desolate landscape such as a prairie is interpreted negatively, symbolizing unhappiness and worries. This dream image can also show generally troubled times that will occur in the near future. This can lead to famine and disease.

As a dream symbol, a frosty and icy landscape often refers to unfulfilled hopes and wishes. The sight of a ski hut in the middle of a snowy landscape can often encourage more humility and modesty.

Dream symbol “landscape” – the psychological interpretation

In dream interpretation, the landscape in which the dream action takes place is easily overlooked. It has a big impact on the correct interpretation of a dream. According to the psychological interpretation of dreams, the landscape is that Reflection of feelings and the ideas of the dreamer and gives an important clue to his personality.

If the landscape is sunny, then wishes can come true and the dreamer usually longs for a carefree life in connection with nature. Negative thoughts are symbolized by fog and clouds in the dream world, while problems are represented by a rocky landscape. Does the dream suffer from pessimism and Self-doubtthen the dreamed landscape is gloomy.

Some dream landscapes have surreal features and can have imaginative plants and strange shapes. If any abnormalities appear, they should definitely be taken into account when interpreting the dream, as they usually have a special message for the dreamer.

According to Carl Gustav Jung, if the landscape is by the sea, this indicates the “collective subconscious”, as there are unimagined depths hidden beneath the sea level. Especially for Visions the country by the sea is a popular place. There content can come from the subconscious into the conscious mind.

If the dreamed landscape changes in the course of the dream action, this can indicate that something urgently needs to change in the dreamer’s everyday life.

Dream symbol “landscape” – the spiritual interpretation

According to the spiritual interpretation of dreams, the landscape is a symbol of Improvements interpreted, which can be caused by the dreamer when he deals with himself and his attitudes.

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