Lamp – dream interpretation

A lamp is a light source that can produce light by converting energy. Lamps are also colloquially referred to as lamps, of which there are many different shapes, such as the pendant lamp, floor lamp, chandelier, table lamp, ceiling lamp, wall lamp or mirror lamp.

Most of the time, an incandescent or LED bulb creates the light inside the lamp. However, there are also other light sources such as neon tubes or halogen lamps.

A lamp can brighten rooms or light up for orientation when turned on with a light switch. Just as versatile as in the waking world, the lamp can also be used in the dream world. The dream interpretation of this dream image is correspondingly different.

Dream symbol “lamp” – the general interpretation

A lamp provides brightness. In the dream world she can therefore also be the light of the Understanding bring if the dream is concerned with ambiguities. If many lamps can be seen in the dream world, then the path in life for the dreamer is also well lit and therefore easy to walk on. Cleaning a lamp is also interpreted as a positive sign for the future.

If the dream lights a lamp with a wick, it will make someone happy or be very helpful. Sometimes this dream image also creates one positive change of life indicated. If the lamps in the dream world are lit by other people, then they will be able to do something good for the dreamer.

A bright bulb in a lamp is generally a good sign because it announces Luck and joy. If a dim or flickering lamp can be seen, the dreamer’s hopes will not be fulfilled. In addition, there is a threat Them and resentment. A sooty lamp is also negative as it indicates a major mishap.

If the dreamer carries a burning lamp, it symbolizes his independence and the strength to stand by your opinion. However, if the light goes out, bad news or a death can be expected. If the dreamer drops the burning lamp, his plans and intentions will come to a surprising and sudden end. If the dreamer throws the lamp out of the window in a panic, the dream image warns against false friends.

But there are also other dream actions that have a lamp as an essential dream image. If the dreamer sets clothing on fire with a lamp, he is threatened in the waking world Humiliation and failures. If a lamp explodes in the dream world, friends will become enemies, while breaking a lamp heralds danger through carelessness. If someone else breaks the lamp, this warns the dreamer of a dangerous undertaking, while in general a broken lamp can indicate a death.

If the dreamer extinguishes a lamp, he destroys the joy of others. This can happen consciously, but also unconsciously. If it is other people who extinguish a lamp, the dreamer will suffer a loss. If you generally see a lamp going out, this may be due to a Death Clues.

If the lamps in the dream world are filled with oil or petroleum, they symbolize good business that brings success. However, empty lamps are a sign of depression or despondency of the dreamer. A parchment lampshade in a dream usually indicates a positive surprise in waking life. A globe as a lamp can indicate opportunities that you should use while you sleep.

Dream symbol “lamp” – the psychological interpretation

The lamp is used in the psychological interpretation of dreams as a symbol for the wisdom and the leadership interprets. In this context, it also symbolizes life in general.

The lamp is often used in dream research consciousness associated and is intended to bring light into the darkness of the subconscious.

A brightly lit lamp indicates the harmonious balance of the dreamer. However, if the lamp is rather weak and flickering, then it is an indication mental problems of the dreamer.

Dream symbol “lamp” – the spiritual interpretation

In the spiritual interpretation of dreams, the lamp symbolizes the personal light in the dark as well as the light of Divine and the immortal.

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