KO drops – dream interpretation

Knockout drops have been on everyone’s lips for some time now and continue to make sad and frightening headlines. Knockout drops, spelled out as “knockout drops,” are substances that are mixed into a person’s drink or food without their knowledge, anesthetizing them or rendering them unconscious. This form of physical assault is often followed by a crime such as robbery or rape, against which the victim cannot defend itself due to the anesthesia.

It is debatable how many cases there actually are in which knockout drops have been used to inflict violence on a person and whether there is really great danger or whether there is too much panic being created by the media. In any case, dreams with this dream symbol are frightening and frightening, you feel powerless or afraid, why do you do something like that to others in the dream.

It can help to take a deep breath and realize that it is a dream. What appears in our dreams is usually a key to events in our lives or our psyche. KO drops in dreams do not mean any threat.

Dream symbol “KO drops” – the general interpretation

As a drug and anesthetic, KO drops can initially be used in dreams Loss of reality stand. The dreamer may be fleeing from reality and not wanting to perceive something specific. He can no longer do that in his dream either, he is drugged and has fainted. He no longer has any influence on what’s going on, which can seem scary, but usually just means that he longs for it Responsibility to give away. He may also be overwhelmed and become helpless because he cannot resolve a conflict.

If the dreamer himself administers the knockout drops to another person, this can mean that he The conflict gets out of the way or wants to get something without thinking and using any means possible. Jealousy can also be behind this if the dreamer fears that their partner will not stay with them. A clarifying conversation can help and calm you down here.

Depending on whether the dream continues after the knockout drops have been administered, the dream can be interpreted in a more far-reaching way. If the dreamer is raped, this can affect both the oppressed and the neglected needs as well as secret sexual desires.

If he is the rapist himself, this may indicate that he is violently repressing parts of himself. Robbery, on the other hand, represents Fear of loss or, if the dream robs a helpless person, for conflict-averse behavior.

Dream symbol “KO drops” – the psychological interpretation

As frightening as the dream of knockout drops can be, it can also reveal a lot to the dreamer about themselves. The anesthesia using the drops can mean that the dreamer is afraid of reality, perhaps he wants an unpleasant one Truth not see that the drops are now being injected into him forcibly or without his intervention.

Even if the dreamer himself is the perpetrator, it can be the victim person Shares act of himself. He should therefore ask himself what he does not accept within himself, or what parts of himself he wants to treat so violently.

There may also be one Conflict between the dreamer and another person, whom he symbolizes in the dream with such drastic means. It’s often about needs and the feeling of being short-changed.

Dream symbol “KO drops” – the spiritual interpretation

On a spiritual level, the dream symbol represents that the soul is searching for the origins of their spiritual faith. She feels as if she has been thrown around helplessly and must first distinguish between false clues, manipulation and the truth in order to return to her inner self balance to find back.

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