Kitten – dream interpretation

A kitten usually triggers positive feelings. It is soft and playful, but can also show off its claws. Many people particularly like baby animals because they look cute, have big eyes and seem a bit clumsy and funny. Small baby cats tend to melt people’s hearts quickly, even if just as many people are convinced that puppies are much cuter.

How does the dream interpretation interpret the “baby cat” symbol? Why did it appear to you in a dream? Before analyzing your dream, consider whether the small creature in the dream was actually a kitten or perhaps a tiger or lion cub. These young animals often look very similar, but have slightly different meanings in dream symbolism.

Dream symbol “baby cat” – the general interpretation

In general dream interpretation, the dream symbol “baby cat” symbolizes Desire for affection of the dreamer. It can also have one New beginning symbolize. Perhaps a new love or partnership awaits the dreamer in the waking world. The dream symbol “baby cat” can also be interpreted as a representative. This means that the dreamer actually longs for their own baby, but has not yet fully realized this.

The kitten in the dream can also indicate to the dreamer that he is in his Relationship Missed tenderness and romance. He should have a clarifying conversation with his partner. The dreamer may feel restricted in his relationship.

According to the general dream interpretation, having a kitten in a dream shows your desire to act more independently own ways to hit. However, the dreamer should make sure that he does himself justice, but does not unnecessarily offend his partner.

If the young cat shows its claws in the dream, the general dream interpretation interprets this as a signal to the dreamer to check his relationship with his colleagues. They may act with deceit and the dreamer may have missed this so far. Maybe it’s time for him too “to extend one’s claws” and to represent his views.

A purring and contented kitten in a dream can be the dreamer’s longing for Quiet and peace can be interpreted. Just as the kitten is cared for in the dream, the dreamer should also be cared for and pampered in the waking world.

According to general dream interpretation, the sight of a cat with many kittens in a dream shows the dreamer that he will get into trouble because of his poorly behaved children.

If the dream sees a young woman with a kitten in her arms, he should pay attention to himself in the waking world and not allow himself to be seduced into inappropriate behavior.

Dream symbol “baby cat” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological dream interpretation also interprets the dream symbol “baby cat” as a possible one soon New beginning. If the sight of a kitten in a dream triggers fear in the dreamer, this can express the dreamer’s fears of certain parts of his personality. However, if the dreamer feels pleasant feelings when looking at the kitten in the dream, the dream symbol can be interpreted as a sign of his personal strengths.

According to psychological dream interpretation, the playfulness of the kitten in the dream is often seen as an indication sexuality understood by the dreamer. A cat is often said to have the characteristics of independence and independence. These are also visible in kittens.

For the dreamer, this means that he recognizes in the dream symbol “cat baby” his desire to act more independently and independently. But just like the kitten still needs help and care, the dreamer also still has to develop these qualities in the waking world and may need it for this assistance of his fellow human beings.

Dream symbol “baby cat” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the dream symbol “baby cat” can be seen as the aspirations of the dreamer on a spiritual levele can be interpreted as bringing his yielding and independent parts of his personality into harmony.

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