Kettcar – dream interpretation

A Kettcar is originally a children’s pedal vehicle that is operated with pedals. The Kettcar owes its name to the manufacturer Kettler, as it is made up of “Kettler” and the English word “car”. Even though there were subsequently various pedal cars from other companies, people always spoke of a Kettcar because everyone knew immediately what that meant.

If you like, you can see the Kettcar as a further development of the earlier soapbox. Kettcars still exist today. And if you like something a little faster and more challenging, you can practice racing with a kart and feel as if you were sitting in a kind of racing car. A kart is a motorized racing vehicle that is very similar to the Kettcar.

When we dream of a kettcar, we may wonder if our life is also about effort and speed. Read below how the dream interpretation interprets this.

Dream symbol “Kettcar” – the general interpretation

Anyone who drives around in a Kettcar in the dream world lives their real life according to classic and mostly conservative values. In dream interpretation, driving a round of Kettcar together with friends also points to past times and the dreaming person’s wishes Lightheartedness hin.

However, if you are doggedly pedaling around in the Kettcar and still remain the last person in the group, this dream experience can show you that in your waking life you are pursuing the matter with the wrong ambition. Maybe you’re wasting too much energy on something that isn’t worth it.

Driving a race in a dream with a chain car is very often a clear dream interpretation Stresssignal. You try to move quickly with the Kettcar, always keeping the brakes on so you can change direction at any time. Be sure to pay attention to your emotional feelings during the dream situation. Because a relaxed and fun Kettcar ride can also mean that you like to take life lightly and know how to have a good time.

Dream symbol “Kettcar” – the psychological interpretation

A Kettcar is a very simple vehicle in terms of construction. Even children can ride it and set it in motion as a play device by skillfully pedaling. But despite its simplicity, the driver must be able to control the Kettcar in order not to fly out of the curve due to incorrect steering.

The psychological dream interpreters therefore see this dream image as symbolic In control bedürfn. Remember exactly the dreamed situation again. Were you able to keep the Kettcar safely on track? Or was it more a matter of luck that you didn’t have a collision with another driver?

Depending on what your dream situation looked like, you can determine whether you have your life well and securely under control in reality or whether you live in constant ups and downs with the feeling that you have no influence whatsoever on what happens to us in everyday life .

Dream symbol “Kettcar” – the spiritual interpretation

Interpreted spiritually, the dream image “Kettcar” shows that the dreamer sometimes tries too hard to be Life goal to reach. He should realize that the journey is the destination and what he encounters there is perhaps more important than the destination itself.

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