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Haven’t you ever described a strange-seeming person as a “weird guy” but not questioned how this term came about? Then it is certainly interesting to take a closer look at this bird, because it is in fact not a strange animal at all.

It is also commonly referred to as an owl, but there is a significant difference between a barn owl and an owl. Owls are generally much smaller than owls and this alone shows which species you are dealing with. But you could almost think that you are looking at a baby owl when you spot a cute owl in the forest.

A pygmy owl is just as big as a sparrow, whereas an eagle owl – the largest species of owl – can grow to a whopping 70 centimeters.

Owls are not just night hunters, certain species of owls also hunt for prey during the day. Another important difference is the body structure of an owl: it has a rather stocky, small body and a large head. Perhaps this phenomenon may have given rise to people being called strange owls.

Let’s take a look at what the owl can mean as a dream animal.

Dream symbol “Owl” – the general interpretation

As cute as the owl may seem, it is generally interpreted negatively as a dream symbol.

If the owl screams in a dream, this often means unpleasant and unpleasant things hard times at. This can be the loss of someone close to you, problems at work or even an illness – it will not be good experiences that come to the dreamer.

If he takes a closer look at the content of his dream, he may be able to draw conclusions about the area in which negativity is looming and be attentive and act cautiously. Sometimes a dream also offers a suggested solution – so pay attention to every detail.

In dream interpretation, an owl can also represent the Loss of friendships. Perhaps the dreamer himself is about to break away from relationships that are no longer good for him or the other person has made the decision that things are no longer good for this friendship and it is better to go their separate ways.

Dream symbol “Owl” – the psychological interpretation

If an owl flies through the dream world, according to the psychological interpretation of dreams, this is a call to the dreamer to pay more attention to his dreams Intuition and inner voice to trust.

The owl has very acute senses and sees very clearly in the dark everything that is hidden from the human eye. Therefore, as a dream image, it also symbolizes the light at the end of the tunnel, shows the dreamer that there is a way out of the darkness and that he can get through it self reflection will achieve more inner clarity and healing.

The oddball can also do one on a mental level Kraft represent that helps the dreamer on a soul level to face his shadow parts, accept them and integrate them into himself.

Dream symbol “Owl” – the spiritual interpretation

According to the spiritual interpretation approach, the owl symbolizes the dark. He often provides one Message from the unconscious and the other world.

The little bird is a trustworthy spirit animal, similar to the owl spiritual companionwhich helps dreamers overcome primal fears and confidently follow their path in life.

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