Kaleidoscope – dream interpretation

A kaleidoscope can fascinate both children and adults. Because who doesn’t like to be carried away into the colorful world of colors inside, which is constantly changing or changing with slight rotating movements.

The kaleidoscope itself is an optical toy whose shape is primarily reminiscent of a telescope. Inside there are small, colored objects at one end, which are loosely inserted between two glass plates. Often one of these glass plates is frosted and the other is smooth. At the other end, however, there is a round opening, like a window, for looking through.

There are also mirror strips installed lengthwise in the tube itself. The small objects are reflected several times in these, so that the typical symmetrical color pattern of the kaleidoscope can be seen. This can also often be reminiscent of a mandala.

In a figurative sense, the term kaleidoscope can also mean a colorful variety or a colorful mixture. In this article on dream interpretation, however, the kaleidoscope is primarily treated as a toy.

Dream symbol “kaleidoscope” – the general interpretation

The general dream analysis interprets the kaleidoscope in the dream primarily as a symbol of frivolity. The dreamer should become aware that he should not approach things in the waking world too inattentively or thoughtlessly. It would be advisable for him to think through his plans and actions carefully in advance.

Anyone who spins a kaleidoscope in their dream will probably have fast ones Changes in waking life. However, these often do not bring about favorable developments. The patterns that arise in a kaleidoscope can, as a dream image, often refer to many ideas and ideas that go through the person’s head.

If you see children playing with kaleidoscopes in a dream, this can be seen as one admonition be understood. In waking life you shouldn’t cling to a naive attitude to life, but rather face the facts of reality. If the dreamer holds a kaleidoscope in front of his eyes in his dream, he will often become aware of his own curiosity, which also tempts him to expand his knowledge.

Dream symbol “kaleidoscope” – the psychological interpretation

According to psychological dream interpretation, the kaleidoscope as a dream symbol can be a link to Himself of childhood produce. Through this connection, the dreamer should be reminded of his youthful consciousness again.

The colorful mixture inside the kaleidoscope can also be laid out like a mosaic in a dream. This can be on the diversity the character traits of the person concerned. The dreamer should become aware of his abilities and talents in the waking world. The dream symbol “kaleidoscope” can also illustrate a blockage in creativity that should be removed as quickly as possible.

The sight of a child looking with fascination into a kaleidoscope can, as a dream image, invite you to sense the big picture behind your own existence. Because only through this Understanding you will be able to really live out your own creativity.

The colors and shapes that become visible in the kaleidoscope can also be of interest for psychological interpretation. It is therefore also advisable to use the aspects of the dream symbols “colors” and “geometrics”.

Dream symbol “kaleidoscope” – the spiritual interpretation

In the spiritual interpretation of the dream symbol “kaleidoscope”, the focus is primarily on the play of shapes and colors inside. Because this can be used as an expression for the maternal energy be viewed as the dreamer’s guide in times of spiritual crisis.

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