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Not only religious people can have dreams with religious meaning. Religious symbols such as the cross appear quite often in the dream world, and Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is also often experienced as a dream image. His birth by the Virgin Mary, in the presence of her husband Joseph, Jesus’ later life and painful death appear symbolically in a dreamed rosary prayer or in stories from the four gospels.

This archetypal symbol of faith, which stands for suffering and tolerance, is not always just a missionary and role model dream. Find out in the following article what the dream symbol “Jesus” can stand for:

Dream symbol “Jesus” – the general interpretation

If Jesus Christ appears in a dream as a dream image, then there are different approaches to dream interpretation. Mostly they are positive interpretations. He can act as Savior Dishes be in trouble, the redeemer who frees the dreamer from his suffering.

If the dreamer sees Jesus on the cross, it is a sign that help is coming. If the dreamer prays to the Son of God in his sleep, he will not only experience stability in his faith, but also have joy in life. In general, dream research also sees the dream image “Jesus” as admonition remember that the dreamer should not lose his faith if he wants to experience happiness and satisfaction.

If the dreamer sees the Messiah in a strange house while he is sleeping and he goes in there himself but cannot come out, then this can be a sign of his death, but also of his salvation be.

Sometimes the appearance of this dream symbol also brings news. These should be given particular attention when interpreting dreams Embassieswhich Jesus of Nazareth addresses to the dreamer, must be taken into account.

If you remember the core statements of these messages, you can quickly explore the individual dream symbols and put them into context using the dream dictionary on this page. By the way, you can easily search for the symbols using the search function at the top right of this page!

The sufferings of Christ can also be shown symbolically in the passion flower. If such a flower or plant is seen in a dream, this can be understood as an indication of a sorrowful time. The memory of Jesus can also be expressed through the communion celebration in the church service. Anyone who sees this in their dream should not sacrifice their spiritual independence for an ill-considered desire.

Anyone who sees the shroud of Jesus in their dream may be facing an illness that will also be associated with grief and worry.

Dream symbol “Jesus” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams sees dreams with religious elements as an indication that the dreamer is in agreement with the meaning of life should employ. A very common dream image in this context is Jesus Christ with a halo.

Sometimes this dream symbol is also a sign of problems with the inner balance of the dreamer. If the dreamer is very religious in the waking world, the appearance of Christ in the dream world is a symbol of his relationship to faith and sometimes also shows doubts.

In dream research, the dream symbol “Jesus” is often used as the embodiment of personality interpreted by the dreamer. The dreamed Jesus shows all the possibilities of the person who strives for ever further perfection. This is intended to encourage the dreamer to take part in his Development to work, to develop further and to recognize yourself. Jesus is the advisor and teacher in this process. If you dream of Christ’s ascension to heaven, this can indicate a change in consciousness.

The dream image “Jesus” can also remind the dreamer not to lose faith in themselves and in God.

Dream symbol “Jesus” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the dream image “Jesus” stands for this Leiden and Tolerate.

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