Jeans – dream interpretation

Jeans were developed in America in the late 19th century from sturdy cotton canvas. In this country, in Europe, they were first manufactured in 1948. Jeans originally served as practical work clothing. However, they quickly developed into a symbol of freedom, independence and freedom from conventional norms. Especially in the 1950s, many young people wore them to express protest against authorities and traditions. At times this even led to bans on wearing jeans in certain places.

The history of jeans is also relevant to dream interpretation. If we wear it in our dreams, it is not just a piece of clothing here. As in reality, in addition to its pure function, it also has a symbolic meaning. Which?

Dream symbol “jeans” – the general interpretation

In general dream interpretation, jeans are a symbol of male characteristics and personality parts. Wearing one in a dream is often an expression of one’s own striving for power, control and influence. The dreamer feels protected and safe in jeans, and he radiates this to those around him. This makes it easy for him to purposefully assert his personal interests and ideas. This is particularly true in a professional environment.

In addition, jeans can be a symbol in a dream independence be. According to the general opinion, the traditional symbolism of jeans plays an important role here: they also show non-conformist thinking in dreams, the desire to break away from agreements, break rules and overcome external conservative constraints.

This interpretation can be applied to the person affected, but equally to their social environment. Here is the main thing individualism in focus. However, this works in its own group dynamic. In the community you represent a counterpoint to traditional and influential social systems.

Only in rare cases does wearing jeans in a dream have a less extensive meaning. If you only have to wear chic and elegant clothes at work, but suddenly find yourself wearing jeans or dungarees in your dream, you may need one Time out. The symbol then shows that the person concerned is longing for a break from the stress at work. He would like more free time, maybe even a longer vacation.

Dream symbol “jeans” – the psychological interpretation

According to the psychological interpretation approach, jeans in a dream show how the person concerned wants to appear to others. In particular openness, individuality and independence come to the fore through the garment.

It also symbolizes sexual affirmation, awareness of your own body and inner needs, as well as joy of life. In women’s dreams, jeans are also a symbol of their own emancipation.

If you wear jeans in your dream while everyone else is dressed smartly in suits or costumes, you may still be looking for your place in the world Gesellschaft. If the person affected feels uncomfortable and inappropriately dressed in their jeans, they lack the ability to adapt.

According to psychoanalysts, positive emotions, on the other hand, indicate an intentional demarcation. In this case, the dreamer consciously does not want to subject himself to traditions and rules.

Dream symbol “jeans” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the symbol “jeans” represents one Protection mechanism against external, negative influences. The person affected can develop and develop freely.

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