Jasmine – dream interpretation

The nose recognizes the scent of jasmine long before our eyes detect it. A wonderfully sweet smell emanates from this ornamental plant, which is also called “real jasmine”. The essential oil obtained from it is used in a variety of ways in aromatherapy, in the production of perfume and is used as a flavoring agent, for example for the well-known jasmine tea.

This important oil is obtained from the white flowers of the plant. Two to three hundred different types of jasmine are known worldwide and its original origin is in Asia. Jasmine is said to have a very robust nature and undemanding care, although in this country it is advisable to cultivate it in planters in order to have the opportunity to protect it from night frost and allow it to overwinter indoors.

But how exactly should the dream symbol “jasmine” be interpreted?

Dream symbol “jasmine” – the general interpretation

The scent of jasmine is both pleasant and beguiling and the dream interpretation sees this dream symbol as just as positive. Seeing jasmine flowers or plants in your dreams promises the dreamer a happy time and fulfilling relationships.

However, if the jasmine has already faded, this could possibly indicate that the person concerned’s current relationship is not in good shape and that the end of the connection is even in the offing. However, the entire context of the dream event must be taken into account individually. Because our dreams express the experiences of our lives as well as what concerns our subconscious.

Therefore, if you see another person surrounded by fading jasmine, according to dream research, this can also say something about that person’s relationships and is not necessarily an indication that your own relationships are not going well.

Dream symbol “jasmine” – the psychological interpretation

If jasmine appears to you in a dream, it can be helpful to include the exact details of the dream in order to better decipher the dream symbol.

The dream image “Jasmine” has a strong meaning for the psychological interpretation of dreams erotic components, because with no other scent can we embody sensuality, eroticism and passion like with jasmine. Jasmine flowers stimulate our senses and therefore have a close connection to our own desire and sexuality in our dream experiences.

If a woman dreams of the dream symbol “jasmine”, it can be a request for her to acknowledge her femininity more, perhaps also to become more aware of it and thus have a more positive attitude towards it Sexua­lität to get. Jasmine can also be an expression of a rather short-lived sexual relationship or affair.

Dream symbol “jasmine” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level, the dream image “jasmine” is a symbol for Love and Harmony and embodies the erotic feminine principle.

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