Jacket – dream interpretation

If the weather is wet and cold, a rain jacket is the right item of clothing. It protects the wearer from negative environmental influences and keeps them warm and dry; Depending on the season, a light summer jacket is sufficient or a thick, warming down or leather jacket is necessary.

In order to correctly interpret a dream, clothes are sometimes an important clue. If the jacket is given special attention in the dream, then it should definitely be taken into account for a comprehensive dream interpretation. If you also see other accessories, such as gloves, a muff or a hat, these should also be used for an expanded interpretation.

So what does it mean to see a jacket in your sleep experience? Find out everything about the dream analysis of the warming top below.

Dream symbol “Jacket” – The most common dreams about the symbol

My jacket is lost! The dreamed loss

If the sleeper loses his jacket in the dream, this can indicate difficulties for which he himself is responsible. He probably felt he was superior to others – but has now failed. Likewise, the lost jacket or forgotten coat can indicate an important date: the dreaming person should check while awake whether there is an urgent appointment coming up.

The vest as a jacket without sleeves: why you dream of it

In dream interpretation, vests have the function of covering and protecting. The dreamer may fear that his feelings will be hurt. However, since this piece of clothing only covers the upper body, leaving the arms and lower body free, the dream symbol represents incomplete protection. The dreamer tries to hide his most intimate thoughts and wishes from those around him, but he only partially succeeds.

The yellow vest and its relationship to the dream symbol “yellow jacket”

If a yellow vest appears in the course of the dream – it is usually a bright yellow life jacket – this is a reference to the intuition, the “gut feeling” of the dreaming person. Overall, the dreamer is a rather emotional, open and open-minded personality who prefers to listen to his gut rather than his head. However, this can lead to dangerous situations. You should therefore see the dream of the yellow vest and the yellow jacket as a reminder to think first and then act.

Dream symbol “jacket” – the general interpretation

Sometimes it’s seemingly small things that allow dreams to be interpreted in the first place. The jacket is one of those items of clothing that is often overlooked, although it can provide an important clue for dream research.

For example, if the dreamer wears an old and worn jacket in the dream world, then it symbolizes his injury emotional life and shows that one should overcome these injuries by also parting with the jacket. If he throws away the jacket in the dream, then he will overcome these negative feelings in the waking world.

In general, old or damaged dream jackets are more likely to be interpreted as a bad sign. They announce worries and problems. If your jacket or smock tears while you sleep, this can symbolize a separation or a major turning point in the dreamer’s life.

New jackets are positive signs for Luck and Success. Problems will be solved and the wearer of the jacket will be well regarded. However, if he takes off his new jacket in a dream, things will get worse.

If the dreamer has problems putting on a jacket properly in the dream, then this is interpreted as an indication that he is confused or confused in the waking world irritated is. Perhaps he has received incorrect information and is therefore not behaving correctly.

If you put on the hood of a jacket in a dream, this can indicate that you want to hide something.

Dream symbol “jacket” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the jacket is a symbol of warming feelings interpreted. If the jacket warms very well in the dream world, then the emotional life in the waking world is also harmonious and warm. If the dreamer freezes while sleeping despite the jacket, then his living conditions in the waking world are also rather cold.

In another interpretation of the jacket in the dream, it is seen as the External appearance seen by the dreamer. In this case, the jacket symbolizes the image that the dreamer wants to portray. The jacket in this dream image is usually brand new and unused.

Like a coat, the dreamed jacket can also be used for, according to dream research Schutz and Need for protection of the dreamer, especially if you close the jacket zipper in the dream.

The dreamer’s reserve in front of other people is usually symbolized by a jacket that is buttoned up high. Sometimes the jacket can also be used to hide something that should not be visible to others. Maybe it is one too Secretwhich is covered by the jacket.

Dream symbol “jacket” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation interprets the dream image “jacket” as a symbol for Schutz.

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