Ink – Dream Interpretation

Writing in ink always has an official character. An invitation or letter written with a pen not only seems more personal than something printed, but also more meaningful. Ink drawing is its own genre in art.

Ink - Dream Interpretation

The classic ink color is blue, but it comes in every color imaginable, from red to black to green to purple. In the past, you dipped a goose quill or a steel nib into an inkwell, but today there are fountain pens and inkjet printers with practical ink cartridges. The squid uses the color to temporarily obscure the vision of its enemies and use this opportunity to escape.

A dream in which ink plays a role probably draws the dreamer’s attention to something specific. Maybe he has received an important message or he wants to write to someone but has neglected to do so. What is important in dream interpretation is what happens to the ink.

Dream symbol “ink” – the general interpretation

The dream symbol “ink” is extremely complex and should therefore be viewed in the context of what is happening in the dream and taking into account the living conditions of the dreamer. Ink on a sheet of paper can be an indication of good in dream interpretation Communication skills to be the dreamer.

However, the dream symbol can also be a request to write something down in detail so that a problem can be solved or a plan can be realized. In dream research, however, ink can also be a warning against slander by an anonymous writer. So the dreamer should Caution prevail. If he causes ink blots or sees them in a dream, the dream symbol can also be a sign of a bad conscience.

In popular dream interpretation, it plays a big role what exactly happens to the ink in the dream. Writing with it indicates an important piece of writing that will have a major impact on the dreamer’s life. If you buy ink, the dream symbol announces one extensive work at. If you spill it, the dream indicates the negative outcome of an agreement.

Drinking ink, on the other hand, warns in dream interpretation against rash, possibly childish actions. An inkwell heralds failures and attacks from hostile people. If the ink stains the dreamer’s fingers, the dream symbol is denounced unfounded jealousy at. If your own clothes are stained with ink, the dreamer has to expect resentment and little meanness.

Dream symbol “ink” – the psychological interpretation

On a psychological level, the dream symbol “ink” is an expression in dream interpretation emotional thoughtfulness. The dreamer therefore unconsciously deals with questions about the finiteness of relationships or one’s own status.

The subconscious signals in the dream that the dreamer would like to change or undo something that seems to be fixed, but does not do so for personal reasons. This can affect the relationship with the partner, but also other agreements or decisions.

In dream research, the dream symbol also illustrates the dreamer’s ability to express and represent his knowledge. The ink in the dream can be an unconscious confirmation that the dreamer is focusing on their own Judgment should leave and write down agreements in black and white because he cannot fully rely on someone else’s word.

Dream symbol “ink” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the dream symbol “ink” embodies magical practices. These enable dreamers to come into contact with supernatural powers and thus expand their own mind.

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