Inflation – dream interpretation

In general, one speaks of inflation when there is more money in a country than there are goods and goods. The result is a loss of purchasing power of money, which means you get less for your money. The term “inflation” is often accompanied by the words economic crisis and bankruptcies.

It is certainly not often that a sleeper dreams of the term “inflation”, but rather that he experiences how his money is worth less and less. Now the question arises as to what such dreams can mean. Does the dreamed inflation indicate a similar crisis in the financial sector? Or does it contain a completely different reference as a symbol?

Review your dream again in your mind’s eye. Also pay attention to the details in your dream. How did you feel about it? Were you worried or did everything seem fine? When interpreting your dream, include as many details as possible.

Dream symbol “inflation” – the general interpretation

In rare cases, dream interpreters interpret the dream symbol “inflation” to mean an actual economic one Emergency. The dreamer may have money worries in the waking world or fear financial losses, then the dream symbol “inflation” can appear to him while he is sleeping. Especially if he experiences a general national economic crisis with inflation in the dream, the sleeping experience indicates the loss of prosperity.

However, in most cases, inflation in a dream symbolizes one Sinn- or Life crisis for the dreamer. It is advisable to rethink your own values ​​and principles and, if necessary, change them. Perhaps the person concerned holds on to old traditions that are now unrealistic. The good news: The dreamer can rely on the crisis good times will follow. By making changes in his lifestyle he will emerge stronger from this difficult phase of his life.

If the dreamer is in a legal dispute with a lawyer in the waking world or has to appear in court, the dream symbol “inflation” shows him in the general dream interpretation that this process will unfortunately end to his disadvantage.

Dream symbol “inflation” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, there is almost no connection between the dream symbol “inflation” and a gradual devaluation of money. Rather, inflation in the dream symbolizes to the dreamer that he has completely exhausted himself both physically and mentally. His Power reserves are used up and he may feel burned out.

The dream may also be threatened with a serious one mental crisis. Because his previous behavior has become questionable for him.

At the same time, according to the psychological dream interpretation approaches, the dream symbol “inflation” includes that Promise to those who dream for a better future. He should rethink and change his way of life in the waking world. This will give him new goals and values ​​with which he will overcome the crisis.

Dream symbol “inflation” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation interprets the dream symbol “inflation” as a sign to the dreamer that he is spiritual values and question ideas.

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