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A newborn child is initially fed exclusively with breast milk or substitute milk. The instinct to search for the food source and the strong sucking reflex are innate in babies, like all other mammals. This is probably why a child in the first year of life is also called an infant. At this age it is still completely helpless. Without parental care, it could not survive. However, the typical characteristics of an infant automatically trigger the need for adults to care for them.

A dream about an infant probably awakens maternal or paternal feelings in the dreamer. Maybe there is a real desire to have children behind it. It is also possible that a woman in your local area is pregnant. When interpreting dreams, the personality of the dreamer is just as important as what happens to the infant.

Dreams about an infant can be very diverse. If you would like to find out more about the most common dreams about the symbol as well as the different possible interpretations of infant dreams, please note our comments below:

Dream symbol “Infant” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Breastfeeding the baby and holding it in your arms: a beautiful dream

In the dream interpretation, breastfeeding an infant in a dream and giving it milk from the breast symbolizes the willingness of the dreaming person to take responsibility. If you were allowed to hold the baby in your arms in the dream world, you may have the hope of achieving success through your own work.

If the child is not breastfed by the mother but by a wet nurse, success in a particular matter in the waking world is foreseeable.

Dreaming about the gender of the infant

If the sleeping person dreams of an infant girl, there is a possibility that she will soon be able to further develop her somewhat immature sexuality through a new love.

If it was an infant boy in the dream, developments are probably currently taking place in the professional and private areas that will bring something new with them.

The infant dies – what a nightmare!

If a dream situation arises in which an infant dies and you have to observe a child’s death, this can have a very shocking effect. However, a dead infant merely symbolizes changes that may be about to occur in the waking world. This applies to both the death of the son and the death of the daughter. If a child murder occurs, we may repress certain feelings and not give them enough space.

Dream symbol “Infant” – the general interpretation

The dream symbol “infant” announces the emergence of something new. In dream interpretation it is a sign of Hope as well as creativity. The dream may have an idea for a business or a private project that he still needs to develop.

The dream symbol “infant” shows that this project requires a lot of attention. At the same time, the dreamer probably expects benefits from it. The dream can also express the joy of the creation process. In dream interpretation, a baby is almost always to be understood positively, whether it is crying or playing, crawling or even walking in the dream. However, if the infant is sick or thin, the dream symbol indicates difficult times.

In popular dream interpretation, an infant is considered a good omen. The dream symbol promises unexpected things Possibilities, pleasant surprises or even unexpected luck. If the dreamer sees the birth of a baby in a dream, this can be an indication of an impending separation, but for travelers it can also be an indication of an early return home.

Breastfeeding an infant and/or providing it with pumped breast milk is, on the one hand, satisfying, but on the other hand, it is also a strenuous duty. In dream interpretation, this shows the willingness of the dreamer in an area of ​​life Responsibility to take over.

Anyone who pushes a baby in a stroller through the dream world may have a deep desire to start a family. Even if this has already happened, another one may occur inside the sleeping person Desire to have children slumber. It is important to be clear about this and to consciously consider whether a child fits into the current life situation.

Dream symbol “Infant” – the psychological interpretation

The dream symbol “infant” understandably often appears in the dreams of women who are either pregnant or want a child.

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, however, the baby in the dream can also provide information about the personality of the dreamer. It often shows the immaturity of a person who is not yet sure of himself, but will still develop.

In addition, the dream symbol can also express the unconscious desire to be cared for and protected by someone. The infant also symbolizes in dream interpretation vulnerability one person.

In addition, the subconscious sometimes leads the dreamer back to his dream with the dream symbol “infant”. Originto a state of innocence, security and carefreeness.

In dream analysis, a baby also represents a new beginning and a source of fresh ideas. The dream is an attempt by the psyche to get in touch with the hidden creative part of one’s personality.

In dream interpretation, a poorly developed, dissatisfied infant is considered a symbol of neglected parts of the dreamer’s being that need more attention. If such a baby is still in the hospital and may need medical care in the dream, this dream image symbolizes your own emotionality. If the feelings were previously “frozen”, they are now slowly thawing and you become accessible again.

Dream symbol “Infant” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the dream symbol “infant” symbolizes Rebirth and New beginning. The dream tells the dreamer that he or she currently has enough creativity to experience a spiritual awakening.

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