Incense sticks – dream interpretation

Opinions often differ when it comes to incense. For some, they are associated with a wonderful scent, which can also contribute to relaxation and recovery. These types of people often have several scents at home and choose the right one depending on their mood.

But just as there are supporters or supporters of incense sticks, there are also people who completely reject them. These people usually get sick from the smell alone. In addition, the incense sticks are quickly dismissed as “esoteric stuff”.

However, one should not smile at the incense sticks. Especially in Asia, these are used in ceremonies in temples and for meditation. Then the sticks are lit in front of a large Buddha statue, for example. Incense sticks are even used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine.

Dream symbol “incense sticks” – the general interpretation

The general level of dream analysis interprets the symbol “incense stick” as a good omen, if the scent is perceived as pleasant in the dream. The dreamer will probably soon have a successful and happy time ahead.

However, if the sleeper finds the incense stick unpleasant or smelly, there may be a problem in his life change result. This will probably cause some problems or not be as easy to process. If the dreamer inhales the smoke from such a stick, he should often be careful in the waking world.

If you burn an incense stick in your room in your dream, you should often use something from your room Past take a closer look. Because this doesn’t seem to have been processed yet and still influences the dreamer’s behavior and thinking today.

If the incense stick appears in your sleep in connection with a sacrifice or an offering in a place of worship, this can, according to the general interpretation of dreams standby indicate the dreamer to subordinate his wishes and desires to the well-being of others. Even if this behavior initially appears disadvantageous, it will probably bring benefits to the person affected.

Dream symbol “incense sticks” – psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams places the dream image of the incense stick as a symbol for one internal cleansing out of. The dreamer either longs for this in waking life or is currently in such a phase in reality. The interpretation depends on the real life circumstances.

If you smell an incense stick while sleeping and feel disgusted by it, this dream situation can indicate that you are in one in the waking world unpleasant situation is or has been located. Because sometimes this smell in a dream can also be understood as an expression of a memory.

The sight of incense at a ceremony, perhaps accompanied by candles and flowers, in a temple can have a psychological impact change in the real world. This dream image can refer to both an inner change and a change in the current life situation.

If you say a prayer in your sleep while lighting an incense stick, you long for the support of others in your waking world. However, you will often only receive this support if you are at peace with yourself.

Dream symbol “incense sticks” – the spiritual interpretation

Viewed from a spiritual perspective, the smoke of an incense stick in a dream can direct the dreamer to his Connection to the divine or point to the spiritual world.

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