Illuminati – dream interpretation

The word “Illuminati” comes from Latin and means “the enlightened ones”. Many people first heard this term in connection with Dan Brown’s bestseller of the same name. If you haven’t read the book, you could watch the film adaptation with Tom Hanks in the lead role and then it will become clear to every viewer that “enlightened” doesn’t necessarily have to be a good thing.

The Illuminati is an order whose goal is to take over the world, gain national and international control and destroy all governments. All faith should be dispelled and current religions should be abolished. According to the Illuminati’s idea, there should only be one world religion created by them. And if the order has its way, the world population should also be reduced by three billion people.

Is this true or is it just a myth, a conspiracy theory? To date, the actual existence of the Illuminati has not been uncovered. How does the dream interpretation see the dream symbol “Illuminati” and what does this dream say about the dreamer?

Dream symbol “Illuminati” – the general interpretation

If connections appear to the dreamer in his dream world that suggest the dream image “Illuminati”, the processing of information about this seemingly dangerous order can be expressed here at the dream level. Especially after reading books or watching films that deal with the topic of “Illuminati”, the… Continued employment a comprehensible phenomenon in dreams on an unconscious level.

Illuminati is also a term that is not familiar to every person and if you dream about it and when you wake up you know what a threatening alliance it was in your dream, this indicates that you have already dealt with this topic in your waking life.

Illuminati also becomes one with the topic on a general dream interpretation level conspiracy connected. If you experience in the dream world that you yourself have become a victim of such a conspiracy, this should not scare us, because according to dream research, this will mean a lot of things to come in the future Love and affection other people.

Dream symbol “Illuminati” – the psychological interpretation

The sign associated with the Illuminati is the All-Seeing Eye. Its original meaning comes from early Christianity, when people were still afraid to depict God and instead represented his eternal presence with an eye. The triangle surrounding the eye represents the Holy Trinity.

In the Illuminati, however, this symbol represents the opposite, namely the power of the devil. If the dreamer encounters this symbol in his sleep, he can understand it Feeling of guilt what plagues him in real life. Maybe he himself did something bad or wronged someone.

If you try to uncover and destroy the Illuminati in your dream situation, you should be careful in your waking life and not try to harm others just to make yourself look better. This can backfire and will ultimately cause great damage to the soul of the dreamer. He should definitely focus on his honest values think about it and don’t let yourself be tempted to do things that you wouldn’t normally be able to do.

If the All-Seeing Eye is the focus of the dream, this indicates, according to psychological dream interpretation, that the dreaming person is a strong one Addiction to control subject to. This can refer to your own private area or to other people on whose lives the dreamer has a strong controlling influence.

The Illuminati were also said to be involved in numerology, in which numbers have a special meaning. The number 23 symbolizes this bad luck and destruction. Anyone who discovers this value in the dream connection with the followers of the religious community should avoid risks in the near future instead of pushing their luck.

Dream symbol “Illuminati” – the spiritual interpretation

On a spiritual level, the dream image “Illuminati” symbolizes the dark side the spiritual world.

However, the triangle with the all-seeing eye in it can be interpreted separately and with the point pointing upwards it refers to divine wisdom, while with the point pointing downwards it is a symbol of femininity.

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