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When we ignore something, we are primarily trying not to notice something and intentionally overlook it. This can be many things: people, unpleasant characteristics, things that bother us and much more. By the way, the word “ignore” comes from the Latin verb “ignorare” and means “not to know” or “not to know”.

What does the dream symbol “ignore” want to tell us? Depending on the context in which the conscious looking away occurs, the interpretation changes slightly.

At the beginning we would like to describe to you the dream situations that many dreamers report. This includes, for example, a dreamer being ignored by a certain man… Afterwards you will find out everything about the general dream interpretation of the symbol!

“Ignore” dream symbol – The most common dreams about the symbol

Being ignored – why does this happen to me in my sleep?

Anyone who is ignored in their dream may feel the same way in the waking world. Depending on who disrespects the dreamer in their sleep experience, they most likely also have a problem with them in real life. This can be your partner, a family member or old friends. A lack of pronunciation is usually the cause of the dream when there is no reaction despite direct contact: the person in the dream behaves as if the sleeper were air.

If you are in a crowd and are ignored by everyone, the excluded person may suffer from low self-esteem.

He ignores me! A mean dream

If the dreamer is ignored by his partner in his dream, according to the general dream interpretation, this primarily indicates difficulties in communication. There may be problems in the partnership that are not addressed by the partner. If the ex-partner ignores the sleeping person in the dream, the relationship is finally over.

The father who disrespects the dreaming person symbolizes a male family member with whom an argument is brewing. The ignoring colleague points to problems at work.

Dream symbol “ignore” – the general interpretation

Generally speaking, the dream symbol “ignore” gives the dreamer the indication that because of his efforts in the waking world successful will be. This interpretation of the dream symbol applies especially if the dreamer is ignored while sleeping.

What is also important for dream interpretation is what the dreamer ignores in the dream. This should also be looked at more closely, as it can provide additional clues for interpreting the dream symbol “ignore”. If necessary, the interpretations of the corresponding dream symbols should be used.

If the dreamer ignores other people in his dream, this can show him that he is in the waking world less attention wishes. Maybe the waking world is becoming too much for him and he desperately wants peace and seclusion.

If, on the other hand, the dreamer is ignored by others in the dream, the general dream interpretation shows him that he should become aware of his inner values.

The partner’s ignorance in the dream indicates difficulties or a communication problem in the Relationship at. Something seems wrong in the waking world. But the dreamer tries to close his eyes and ignores the things he doesn’t want to see. In the long run, this behavior will lead to even bigger problems. If the dreamer ignores a family member in the dream, this indicates that he should clarify some things in the family area.

Dream symbol “ignore” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol “ignore” wants to make it clear to the dreamer that he refuses to do so in the waking world Truth to recognize. He lives in his own little world and has lost his sense of reality. Maybe he just wants to overlook qualities about himself that he doesn’t like.

If the dreamer is ignored by a large number of people in the dream, this dream situation symbolizes problems with his own personality. His self-esteem is low. The causes of these feelings can be traced back to the interpersonal area.

The dreamer now receives the “ignore” dream symbol requestto investigate and resolve these causes. If necessary, he should also seek professional help.

Dream symbol “ignore” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual side of dream interpretation interprets the dream symbol “ignore” as a type of Ignorance as well as a reference to that Emotional.

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